The Curious Case of Critical Race Theory, Merrick Garland's use of the "FBI" to go after Parents at School Board Meetings

I would say we are at complacency with a fair amount of apathy right now.


The ones harmed the most have families, homes, work hard , have clean criminal records . They refuse to throw they lives away fighting an unstoppable government . Pitiful but the hard truth .

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Yes, alot of parents have surrendered feeling hopeless and fear of retaliation by local authorities by reassessment of property to increase their taxes.
School Boards increase the monopoly power because they know parents may BITCH,but still send the children to the same schools despite the stifling dissent.They know what the increased financial burden puts on parents to send children to non- puvlic schools. As a parent , I màde sacrifices to send my son ro a Catholic school for a better educarion and learning environment.
We have seen an increase in government weaponization of the Justice Dept by the " Lawyer for everyone " by the Bidet Admin.

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And that option is getting more and more expensive like everything under this money hungry Biden Administration !

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At least Garland isn’t on SCOTUS!!! A small win.

Can you even imagine him deciding cases ? U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which saw 15 of 16 rulings overturned on review. He would make California’s 9th circuit look great !

Teaching children that racism is wrong is important. Teaching children to treat people with respect is important. But how to teach children about racism and white privilege is more complicated. A good place to start is in the preschool classroom. That’s why Democrats have really focused on this issue. In order to get rid of racism for good in this country…we need to start at the schools and start early.

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I bet you don’t have any kids of your own and spend your days letting your cats lick peanut butter off your bean and spend your nights getting drunk on boxed wine watching Disney+ or Netflix.

You lunatics are on notice…

No it is not. Pre-schoolers don’t even know the concept of racism, so right there your argument is flawed

What is funny is your admission of “Democrats” and being focused on this issue." In essence today’s Democrats embrace the Gramsci theories born out of the Frankfurt Institute. They in its basic construct are a Marxist teaching and its imbeded in this particular curriculum to which the original author uses the same practices and theories. Oppressed and Oppressor is essentially what they are trying to teach our young children and its racist. If you had half a brain you might try reading up on what the particulars are when it comes to CRT and what its theories are based on instead of coming here trying to make emotional pleas as to why CRT should be taught in our schools.

Furthermore the irony of your of statement about race is you claim to want to eliminate racism while at the same advocating teaching our children to be racist! Do yourself a favor go do a little more reading and focus less time on your gender studies and you might actually learn something that is useful for a change. I bet you don’t have any children of your own do you?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, because this is going to be defeated, whether at the ballot box or by force, as many parents now are waking up to your party’s Communist heart and it needs to be snuffed out!

Teaching about racism and differences start in the home with parents. When children start school with classmates of different types, they at least should have a basic understanding of the differences.
Slavery and racism should be taught according to how it actually occurred, not with political bias and an eraser which causes today’s problems.
Are students wanting to be teachers brainwashed by Liberal college professors to go along with the program and if not, risk grade reduction or failure .Or do they have their Liberal ideas reinforced by these professors .
Thereore than one side to this problem.

I raised two daughters. They were taught that racism is wrong. One of them has a bi racial fiance’ and two kids with him. Now what???

Racism will never be gotten rid of in this country or in the world… ever. It’s a human trait that can/will never be controlled. Get over it.

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Up date on this issue!

Merrick Garland’s testimony was so bad that that the NSBA issued an apology, which has nthg to do with sincerity and everything to do with covering their asses.

Its too late when a revolution has been started! Too late to put the horses in the barn as they bolted. Too late to close Pandora’s box. Too late to put the tooth paste back into the tube.

Tolerating what exactly… ?

The party of law and order is threatening, intimidating and harassing school board members, teachers and school officials. Your god damn right we’re sending in the feds. Zero tolerance here. This shit is going to be crushed!!!

So you want girls to be Sodomized by a tranny in a elementary school bathroom? Damn monte

Looking for attention again Montecrusty? The only one that is going to be crushed is you!

Well that’s nice, but not really relevant to the violent outbursts, threats, intimidation and harassment by anti science knuckledraggers at school board meetings which law enforcement intends to STOP!!!