The Covington Catholic High School Students Did Nothing Wrong


You’re a one trick pony so yes, it’s easy.


Did you ever watch “In Living Color”? Hilarious show. They made fun of whitey, black people, gay people. No one was off limits.

How about the comedians who made fun of gays years ago who are now being ostracised?

I wonder how many skeletons you have in your own personal closet. Actually, someone with your affectations that you feel a need to project onto others makes me think you may have a lot to be ashamed of in your life.


That’s 2 posts…

I guess it’s hard to find a post that I didn’t make.


The supposed video of CCH students harassing a girl doesn’t show any CCH students harassing a girl.

It’s as phony as the original video depicting them accosting the “Native American Vietnam Veteran” who never set foot in country.


AHAH! :rofl:


Are you the mother of that kid? You would think I am talking about you.

Btw what are you talking about? Lol. Is this kid a comedian?


When will you demand condemnation from Islam for killing innocent civilians through radical Islamic terrorism?


People are “digging” into this to destroy them because they are white, Catholic, and Christian.

As sad as it is, I’m glad to see the left coming out of the closet with the hatred of Whites, Catholics, and Christians because it’s going to make it ever more difficult for them to win national elections in the future.


Thank you.

I don’t see any reference to the black board scoring/black out connection you mentioned.

Perhaps I missed it?


Still not sure where you are going with this? Have you ever seen me debate anything with Muslims?


Even if I hadn’t read the thread, I wasn’t talking to you was I?


I didn’t cite any source for that did I?

Does the word “apparently” have any meaning in your vocabulary? It means what follows is speculative.


Oh now I get it… you think they (blackface white kids) represent you!

Ahhhhh. Well if you don’t walk around your neighborhood in blackface… you aren’t like these kids.


It must be your nappy time. You can’t form a cohesive response.


So when you replied to me… it was a mistake?


Priorities man - you want a Catholic institution to denounce their own students for

  1. Standing quietly
  2. Wearing body paint (at an unrelated event)

Islamic terrorist beheading women, lighting children on fire in cages, or running down pedestrians in the streets. That’s fine right? Not all Muslims.


That is a poor analogy.

Better would be “if a muslim blows up a bunch of people, and we look into the school he was taught at and find they disrespect other religions and allow the students to practice building bombs, then we should condemn that school.”

Mind you, I have not condemned covington yet - I jumped in kind of late here - I’m just pointing out your analogy is poor.


The Covington Catholic High School Students Did Nothing Wrong


Ahhh I see where you are going. This is easy. Ready?

If someone kills another person in the name of the Islam, people of that religion should condemn them. Unless of course they see it as justified. Then they are no better than the killer. Well maybe slightly better :joy:


Were these kids producing a comedy show?