The Covington Catholic High School Students Did Nothing Wrong



Do you have a source for the direct connection between a basketball game from a few years ago and the Covington Catholic High School students who did nothing wrong?


My, my… Aren’t you suddenly generous? Get one of your fellow followers here and how your personality changes and how brave you’ve become :rofl:

I don’t have to show you jack shit, lib.


My issue is the environment. Any school that allowed white males to wear full blackface is questionable one. I’ll be looking for condemnation from them at any moment.


Is that a picture from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where the Covington Catholic High School students did nothing wrong?


Whoa… Wait a minute… Who is to say anyone at a basketball game from a few years ago did anything wrong?


Again with the racist accusation you claim you’re not making.

Now claim again that you aren’t.


Too bad… here’s a tip… don’t jump into a discussion that you haven’t read up on. You could have avoided that silly “my power went out and I can’t call it a blackout. Blackout is racist” post.


Demonizing those kids failed so they’ve moved on to demonizing the entire school.

Gotta keep up Slav.


Oh so when a Muslim blows up a bunch of people or runs over some kids with a van of peace I guess we can start saying “all Muslims” and demand a condemnation from all of Islam.


Show me where I said I wasn’t accusing the school of allowing racially incentives gestures?


Nobody is under any obligation to show you they “care” nor does anyone need to read the whole thread to do so.



Where did I condemn all white males of anything in this thread?


Thank god you keep those goalposts on wheels, just be careful you don’t end up underneath them.


If one enjoys looking silly… who am I to stop them.


The Reflech school of debate.


You wasted another post.

Show me the post where I said I wasn’t accusing the school of allowing racially insensitive gestures?

It’s should be easy.


Oh…now you have to start walking it back. I see.

So…all Muslims?


I don’t think it’s fair to say the kids did nothing wrong - referring to the MAGA hat kids.

(And you guys do realize that all the statements and addition footage has been written and released by a professional political PR firm, right? Those kids didn’t write those reponses and commentaries.)

The video in which the kids harass a girl passing by, and the one in which they mock the tomahawk chop and dance around like boobs displays disrespect, at least to me. The video of the stand off strikes me as disrespectful, but it’s less clear cut in my mind.

You of course may view the same videos and reach a different conclusion. This is truly one of those things that has no easy answer.

People are digging into the school and kids etc…simply because this is what we do in america. We dig around and try to throw mud and soil others, in hope of winning some idiotic game we don’t even realize we are playing.

It’s a shame, but here we are.

I suspect some are digging into teh school to suggest the behavior they perceive as ignorant is part of a larger pattern, supported by, or even taught by, their super conserative school.

I have to admit, with or without the MAGA hat videos, a picture of kids in black face tickling a black competitor strikes me as insensitive, and would not be the image I would want promote for a school or organization I was associated with. Even if it is part of some larger tradition as one poster here claimed, I would suggest banning that tradition.


The Covington Catholic High School Students Did Nothing Wrong