The Chinese invasion of Taiwan

Whilst everybody is looking the other way, and even the Americans are not exactly banging the drum on the world stage, the tensions between China and the US (and others) are being stretched.

HK is one matter, but invading Taiwan is a red line that once crossed there is no going back!

I am not talking militarily either.

It is the RoW that sees a red line. The Country has always been known (to me at least) as Taiwan ROC. That is Republic Of China. The interesting thing is that, if you read the article, the US has been cruising through the straights of Taiwan (or whatever it is called) earlier this month, and that must be at least 3 times so far this year.

I think that things might come to a head when China overflies Taiwan airspace with any of their fighters. China sees Taiwan is ‘theirs’, the Taiwanese do not agree with them.

China also saw Tibet as theirs and still here we are. The US sailing through the straits is international waters and the entire sea of China that China arbitrarily calls theirs while encroaching on other countries sovereignty is what is making this come to a head. They claim to want to be a part of the international community while thumbing their nose at its laws while making ones of their own and always breaking treaties in trade deals. How does building islands in the middle of the ocean and moving military assets onto them not arbitrarily taking territory?

Well … AFAIK Tibet didn’t buy any F16s (or was it F35s) from the US

No they didn’t, and it is F-16’s. China sold military weapons to Sri Lanka that aided in the genocide against the Tamils or sell missile and nuclear technologies to Iran and North Korea. In fact it’s China that continues to use North Korea as a proxy state against the US that is preventing their people to come out of the Stone Age and join the rest of the world. So the US selling Taiwan F-16’s so they can defend themselves is justified in my mind. Taiwan is a model democracy and it should stay that way. I get your concern about another military conflict but you shouldn’t be an apologist for China. They need to be held to account for their aggression and I don’t mean military confrontation either, because it’s pretty simple to just cripple them economically especially given the fact of their egregious human rights violations taking place against the Uhgers! The latter should not be tolerated by the Western countries they seek to do business with.

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That is somewhat under-stating it, I feel. NK is China’s convenient R&D facility.

After all the things I have written about China it surprises me that you write that.
I think that you need to change your brand of tea.

It was in jest, don’t cherry pick, I know you are not an apologist! Strictly speaking in the context of your statement here. My brand of tea is celestial is just fine!

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Mike Pompeo opines on China’s capabilities and intentions

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Whilst on the subject of China and Tibet, well nearly, here is the latest on skirmishes between India and China.

NEW DELHI (Reuters) Sept. 16, 2020 - Indian and Chinese border troops had an exchange of gunfire last week just days before a meeting of their foreign ministers, Indian officials said on Wednesday, in a further breach of a decades-old restraint at the frontier.

The two sides have had a long-standing agreement for troops not to use firearms at the poorly defined Line of Actual Control or the informal border and for 45 years no shot has been fired.

But since late last month, there have been three incidents of warning shots fired in the western Himalayas where troops are locked in a face-off over competing territorial claims, often in close proximity, officials aware of the situation told Reuters.

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You’re too kind to this guy he seems like a Chinese sympathiser

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If we exclude Taiwan where do you see or think is a potential conflict that ignites a broader war?

… India (surprisingly)

Followed by Australia and then Philippines

Chinese can do no wrong …

Just love that Won Ton soup

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My Guess is India and Pakistan! Followed by Iran.

I received a letter from a Japanese friend:

"Xi Jinping’s latest Genocide news from Xxxx

Unconditional Genocide by China

As you probably know, the dictator Xi Jinping has issued a new unconditional notice to Inner Mongolians as of September 1, the local date and time.

  1. 24 Inner Mongolians who are also among the members of the Communist Party lost their jobs.
    And those who disagreed with it were driven to felony charges as well.

  2. By 9:00 a.m. on September 13, Inner Mongolian parents had to enroll their children in each Chinese kindergarten (forcibly changed) based on Communist Party ideology education, or they would not be able to receive any education at all.

  3. Anyone, including teachers and parents, who disagrees with the above will be punished without mercy. The same applies to elementary school and above.

  4. Any person who engages in any activity, including signature drives, shall be guilty of a felony.

(In fact, at least two women have committed suicide: possibly by poisoning. Chinese authorities have reported that one of them did a suicide due to depression.
A 33-year-old female Inner Mongolian teacher who was signing a petition was jailed after having that paper torn up in front of her. (That’s impossible.)

  1. The same goes for the poor Inner Mongolian farmers. Their cooperatives are suddenly under the control of the Chinese authorities, and those who oppose this CCP arrangement have been notified that they can’t even farm and finance their land,etc.

  2. It is only a matter of time before the Inner Mongolians are doomed to be deprived of their food, clothing, shelter and organs

This is my personal opinion, but this kind of cleansing politics is not a human thing to do.

We are all human beings before we are Buddhists and/or Christians.

Both the Tibetan Autonomous Region cleansing policy and the Uyghur Aptonom Rayoni Autonomous genocide campaigns are atrocities of Xi Jinping’s communism.

This is not the matter of others, this could happen to our countries tomorrow.

Though my Aunt & Uncle’s properties in NJ, I really felt that N.J. The judiciary, the lawyers, are so self-righteous and steeped in communism.

As an aside.
Abe has resigned, but his brother Kishi remains in power.

Abe’s brother, Kishi, was adopted by the Kishi family, but he is the real brother of Shinzo Abe. And aside from that brother’s size, his face looks exactly like (personal things)

I can only hope that Mr. President Trump wins this presidential election and that he continues to pitch in.

Please take care of yourself and live a peaceful life.

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#SaveTheMongolianLanguage Movement Attracts Worldwide Attention and Support

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Japan is very much worried about these Chinese communists. People who become sheep-like let it happen.

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