The case against mandatory masks and vaccines for the Obama Virus

The CDC admitted that mask are no real protection against Covid 19 (which is also called the Obama Virus, because he paid for the Wuhan lab that produced that plague).

The CDC also admitted that vaccines do not work, either in protecting against the virus or preventing its spread.

So basically Jim Crow Joe wants to skirt the Constitution and the Congress and ORDER the country to put on a mask and get a shot.

There IS a precedent for a national mandate for a vaccine. In 1905, the Supreme Court mandated that everyone in the country get the Smallpox vaccination.
What’s the difference?

  1. The Obama Virus has a 98 percent full recovery rate. Smallpox was a deadly, species ending plague.
  2. The Smallpox vaccination not only worked, it eradicated the disease from the earth. There are no Covid vaccines even coming close to that. People get that vaccine and STILL get the disease. My brother in law got the vaccine, STILL got the disease and he DIED.

We know what Goose Stepping Joe is all about. This is about ego, about acting like a dictator.
2022 can’t come fast enough.

Trump paid for it as well….:wink:

When President Trump discovered the funding, he cut it off.
The man inherited the worst mess in history from the KENYAN VILLAGE IDIOT. I’d say he did pretty will fixing a totally broken economy and destroying ISIS, bringing PEACE to the middle east.
Might have been nice if someone could have mentioned that funding of the Wuhan lab.
Perhaps you should look at the number of different government accounts and what they are funding. See how long it takes you to do that.


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I don’t blame mask wearers , if I went along with a plan to destroy the American economy and put millions out of work while destroying the lives of tens of millions I would wear a mask too !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Kamala Harris questioned after announcing steps for ‘protecting the vaccinated’: ‘Doesn’t the vax do that?’ | Fox News

Many more Americans considered Trump to be the village idiot and that’s why he was denied a second term….:wink:

Good point. I blame the maskholes.

Actually, most Americans, LEGAL VOTERS, reelected Trump in a landslide because he did a better job than the last FIVE DemoNazi presidents combined.
Jim Crow Joe was elected by illegal aliens, copy machines and massive voter fraud.

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Kamala the Ugandan Giant is the greatest gift the Republican Party ever had. Her gross unpopularity (along with Jim Crow Joe’s stupidity and idiotic policies) will lead to a massive GOP takeover of the House. And that will pave the way for Trump’s THIRD presidential victory.
Except this time, the DemoNazis will not get in the way of a fair count of the vote.

Yeah, failed to prove any of that garbage nonsense in any court of law all the way up to his stacked scotus….:joy::joy::joy:

Trump………………….IS FINISHED……:joy::joy::joy:

Stacked SCOTUS? I’d hardly think of Elena Kagan and the Sodomizer as being stacked.
Bottom line, there was voter fraud. It was PROVEN.
That’s okay. Trump will be back in 2024. Jim Crow Joe will be impeached and maybe sent to PRISON for the felonies he committed in office. (unless you’re going to preach that RACKETEERING is permitted for a president.)
I don’t envy Trump’s job in 24, as he has to fix what the DemoNazis broke.

He will be finished at the end of his second term, when he fixes the economy Adolf Biden has raped and destroyed.
And he will be remembered not only as the greatest president in American history but as an American hero. He has done MORE for this country than the last TEN presidents combined.

And he didn’t even take a salary for it.

That’s not who he added to the Supreme Court, and no court has confirmed the conspiracies that you and Mr. Pillow hold to…

He was finished in November 2020….:wink:

Hey monty …

I know that’s not who he added to the Supreme Court. He added QUALIFIED justices who have actually read the Constitution. The KENYAN VILLAGE IDIOT added left wing political hacks,who have about as much business up there as Peewee Herman.

And they would not give him a day in court for his frivolous bullshit claims….:roll_eyes::joy::joy::joy: