The Border Wall 11/2/2019

Because no one is going to notice the noise and shower of sparks given off as they slowly, VERY slowly, grind through the barrier… oh, wait, yes they will.

The wall doesn’t have to be impenetrable, and there’s no real economically viable way to do so, rather the wall only needs to act as a visual deterrent and as a means of significantly slowing down illegal immigration.

To actual organized criminal operations… human trafficking and so forth… yeah we need MORE than a wall to deal with that issue.

The wall is just ONE PART of a greater whole designed to thwart illegal immigration.

Why do you want people illegally invading this country?

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That video is awesome. Proof that the wall that supposedly wasn’t getting built actually works, contrary to the claims made by OP.

Show me where I said that I did please.

I’ll return Monday and look forward to learning this. Thanks

Speaking of economically viable how would you measure the impact of the visual deterrent?. @Triangleposted something upthread but i’ll have to wait until Monday to red and fact check it. I’ve no reason to doubt its veracity though.

You advocate doing nothing essentially an open border.

Over a million will cross the border illegally or claiming economic asylum this year yet we don’t need to build a wall or do anything.

Over a million pool have been ordered deported yet no one iOS being deported as we lack the monetary resources to deport them.

Over 750K people are awaiting their deportation orders and will disappear into the US and you advocate doing nothing.

Sensors and electronic toys are wonderful and will allow us to actually count the number of people entering the US.

Having a rational discussing with a progressive leftist is impossible as they don’t care about the poor in America, they don’t care about the homeless in America they only cafe about adding to the numbers that burdens the taxpayers.

That civil war in the US gets closer very year.

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Literally show me the cut part of the wall and show me a video of a guy cutting the wall. If you can’t then that shit didn’t happen.


BTW. IF Asshats like you actually did any reading on this subject matter on this site, you would have known we already have a thread topic created on this issue!


The article is pure BS.

No cordless tool can cut through steel, concrete, and steel rebar without a whole truck load of batteries and different types of blades.

The sawzall/saber saw cannot do it period.


They are being guarded and monitored with everything from ground to vibration sensors, mounted static video cam’s, drones, manned aircraft and both foot and vehicle patrols.

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He’s just afraid the labor costs on his imaginary farms and vineyards will skyrocket if we manage to cut illegal immigration to a trickle.

He may have to start hiring Chines laborers right off the boat!

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It would appear the technology is feasible.

It is what the House Democrats want:

The proposal, which Democrats are drafting into a formal letter to Trump, will include border security improvements such as retrofitting ports of entry, new sensors and drones, more immigration judges and border patrol agents, and additional technology, among other measures.

A wall is only one part of what should be a comprehensive plan.

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Here’s a thought. If you are seen crossing the border from Mexico into the USA illegally, YOU WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT. If you are seen entering anywhere other than at a legal border crossing, YOU WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT. An inexpensive solution that not only works; but also sends a message.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What’s’ that you say, CRUEL & UNUSUAL. Well, what about this: Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial - memorial .asp

The funniest part in the link is that Trump admits he’s not being briefed on this. They’re probably scared to tell him that his wall is failing…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

But the wall…the wall​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Trump’s “big beautiful wall” isn’t being built.

The secure fence act passed with huge bipartisan support (except opposed by GOP governor Rick Perry) authorized construction of 700 miles of barrier constructed during the Obama administration.

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As far as anyone knows he does not attend briefings on anything. That’s the number one issue military and security experts have with him. Take Syria…entirely knee jerk to keep a campaign promise.

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Not so much.

The vineyards are tended by migrants that came here years ago and are now fully documented. Should migrant labor not be available to us in California we have the same contingency plan as most others…we plant almonds or walnuts which are less labor intensive.

And you’ll have to start doing what my family did. That is grow and can or freeze your own food.

Because the fresh veggies at your local grocer are going to be really spendy.

Any chance you can get back on topic?

And if not then then their will be those who innovate better solutions. Should they be successful at eliminating the tunnels I’ll look forward to a day then the solution is scaled down to be effective at keep moles and the damned ground squirrels out of our fields and vineyards.

Any tunnel found on the USA side should be sealed & pumped full of cyanide. Gotta be creative.

Unfortunately all electronic devices do nothing to deter crossing the border

People are arrested
People are given a court date and released to disappear into the US

OK, how about my shooting on sight idea? Just let the bodies lay where they fall. I know, I know, we are not monsters. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speaking of monsters: Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial - memor