The Biden Administration Just Forced Every American Town To Host Illegal Immigrants

The Biden Administration Just Forced Every American Town To Host Illegal Immigrants

November 18, 2021 By Jon Feere

The Biden administration recently turned nearly every community in America into an illegal alien sanctuary.

Under a new policy, federal immigration law enforcement is now largely prohibited from arresting criminal aliens in your neighborhood if you live near a playground, a recreation center, a school, a place of worship or religious study, a location that offers vaccinations (such as a pharmacy), a community-based organization, any location that hosts weddings (such as a civic center, hotel, or park), any location with a school bus stop, any place “where children gather,” and many more places that are common to most towns.

What used to be safe spaces for law-abiding Americans and vulnerable members of society have been transformed into safe spaces for violent offenders with no right to be in the United States.

The scope is virtually limitless and prohibits all of the authorities of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), such as “arrests, civil apprehensions, searches, inspections, seizures, service of charging documents or subpoenas, interviews, and immigration enforcement surveillance.”

Officers are prohibited from doing their job anywhere “near” a so-called “protected area,” an imprecise standard that Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), admits has “no bright-line definition.” Mayorkas, who outlined the new policy last month, claims that putting a sanctuary in every community is a “noble” way to “advance our country’s well-being” and ensure that illegal aliens have access to “essential services” and can engage in “essential activities.”

ICE already had a sensitive locations policy that largely prohibited enforcement in religious institutions, at weddings, at hospitals, and at marked school bus stops when children are present, for example. The Biden administration’s new “protected areas” policy is meant to look similar, but it’s an overbroad, nationwide sanctuary policy in disguise and applies to locations that aren’t even open.

Because it “applies at all times and is not limited by hours or days of operation,” this means that ICE officers are now prohibited from making arrests or even conducting surveillance near any location where a wedding might occur even if a wedding isn’t occurring, or near any location that has an unmarked school bus stop in the middle of summer when school is out, or near a recreation center that’s closed for the winter, for example. When you plot out on a map the locations that are now no-go zones for federal law enforcement, it becomes clear that the real intent of this policy is to transform huge portions of our communities into safe havens for criminal aliens.

Biden’s DHS explains that the limitations don’t apply where there’s an “imminent” risk of harm or a “hot pursuit,” but those are rare circumstances. It means that officers are prohibited from arresting a known child abuser on the same street as a playground unless they observe the alien starting to victimize someone. Of course, officers are prohibited from conducting surveillance near playgrounds anyhow, so officers likely wouldn’t be present to stop an assault from happening.

The Biden administration has already limited which illegal aliens can be arrested; most foreigners who violate our immigration laws, including most criminal aliens, are currently allowed to run free. But even for those violent offenders the Biden administration claims to support arresting, the ability of ICE officers to make a targeted arrest (which often requires surveillance in order to confirm whether a target is at a location) has been dramatically curtailed by this policy. Public safety has taken a backseat to illegal alien advocacy.

To those who live in a neighborhood near a church, a school, a playground, or near any of the dozens of other locations implicated by this policy: Biden’s political appointees have decided that you and your family don’t deserve the protection you once had, and that shielding criminal aliens from the law is the top priority.

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They are bringing in sleeper cells of trained militia and getting ready to make a move on the American people to remove their guns and make them submit! War is coming soon! I hope you know how to use a firearm! Also its not every town, we won’t take these fking jokers within our sovereign nations, we would shoot them if they tried!

Children will not be able to use playgrounds because of possible illegal perverts lurking like sharks.Now a parent who kicks an illegals ass for trying to molest their child, will face a fine and possibke jail time , ehile the pervert laughs at them.

Sick to my stomach

What’s missed is the resources, tax dollars spent to maintain this population.

The government believes the taxpayers wallet is BOTTOMLESS.

I suspect they just do not care as long as they are re-elected.

Our illegals/asylum population is larger than the population of many countries. And we are clueless as to how many illegals are in the country.

What’s funny is that neither Republicans nor Democrats support widespread ICE immigration enforcement where undocumented workers are most congregated and most easily apprehended……the work place!!!

The picking fields, the meat processing facilities, restaurant kitchens, construction sites, landscape plant producers, hotels/motels etc., etc……where this “problem” of undocumented workers in America could be most affectively addressed….

Americans want their cheap goods and services.


If any president did that, the prices of everything would rise and as people are whining about it right now, they’d be screaming about it then……

Psssssst in the 1960 we had less then a million Latinos in America… whites always did these jobs.

Don’t lower our wages, respect our culture, and Americans return to work.

How can you stand to suck another man’s cok?

What’s laughable is that neither party is willing to clean up this mess and deport all illegals.

Bidet’s open border policy has escalated the the problem and the taxpayers pay the price.

We see illegals with tuberculosis , polio , Covid , smallpox , and several other deadly diseases and get sent through out the US with no restrictions BUT you BETTER be able to PROVE your dog is vaccinated . Democrats illegal to kill , too bad !!!

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Mexico’s President issued a veiled threat to Republican congressmen who oppose an immigration deal to grant amnesty to 11 million illegals who illegally entered the U.S. Politicians who oppose the forthcoming plan will be singled out and denounced during daily press briefings

11 million,

Interesting how that number from 2000 census never changes when the reality of between 20-40 million.

Well the Mexican president doesn’t want to let the cat out of the bag , we know the number is closer to 40,000,000 with 3,000,000 APPROACHING OUR BORDER TODAY !

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Not to worry the “WOKE” said the census is RACIST ! So did the squad :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

We should have the CBP under Desantis leadership where he could transport all the illegals to Politicians and celebrities residences that support them . Imagine the panic in Beverly Hills, rich under age girls raped by them!!!

Nope, he would not/could not do that. Why didn’t Trump do that, why didn’t Trump round them up and deport the whole 30-40 million of them?

Because his own Republican Party wouldn’t allow him to. They are working the picking fields, the meat processing plants, landscape growers facilities, construction cites, hospitality, restaurants, etc……

Sleeper cells! Sleeper Cells!

Do you know how to use a firearm?

What about the courts ruling discrimination at every level.