The Betrayal of America: Who Do You Trust?

“Who do you trust?” is the foundational question in human relationships. Social relationships, family relationships, business relationships, romantic relationships, intimate friendships, professional relationships, political relationships – human relationships rely on trust. The existence of trust or the absence of trust defines human relatedness.

Parents tell their children when they are very young, “Whatever you do don’t lie to me.” Why? Because trust is the foundation of love.

Cheating is a catastrophic betrayal in adult love relationships. Why? Because successful relationships require trust.

So it is in politics. The existence of trust or the absence of trust defines human relatedness in both the private and public sectors.

Our representative government is founded on the principles of trust. We vote for candidates who we believe will keep their promises. Politics in the United States is currently experiencing seismic trust issues. Over the years it has become painfully obvious that politicians make deceitful promises on the campaign trail to get themselves elected.

Then came Donald J. Trump, the political outsider who actually meant what he said when he promised to make America great again by putting America first. What happened?

Read it all here:

Donald Trump is simply not trustworthy.

From the article:

Globalists shamelessly lie, cheat, and steal to promote their own self-interest at the expense of the American public.

These greedy politicians put their financial self-interest above the national interests of the people who elected them.

If this is the standard we’re going by it sounds like the personal manifesto of the current president! Not just his presidency, his entire life:

He’s cheated on multiple wives.
He’s cheated on multiple business partners.
He’s lied so often and about so much that we’ve become numb to it.
He’s made it abundantly clear his first and primary interest is self-interest.

Trump’s life exemplifies a consistent and habitual pattern of lying and betrayal. Let’s not pretend Trump is completely innocent of his failures as a president, and is some martyr and patriot being destroyed by insidious globalist powers.

You are citing personal and business decisions, not political ones. Trump has consistently spoken out on immigration and trade for over 30 years. I get that you don’t like Trump as a person - but he has been consistent on his positions.


Exactly! That is what the article addresses. President Trump is fighting for the survival of this nation AS A SOVEREIGN NATION. We do not need the global government to tell us what we can and cannot do.

The first drive of a globalist government will be to disarm the people.

@Mogwai is simply a shallow thinker.

Yeah, you’re right. I’m not nearly stable genius-ry enough to see past Trump’s obviously minor, pre-presidential character flaws that he skillfully transcended and appreciate the awesome patriotic sacrifices he’s made since then to MAGA in the face of insidious globalist leftist socialist communist fascist opposition.

Tell you what - in the spirit of the day I’ll stuff your stocking. I’ll go radio silent for the remainder of 2018. That’s nearly a full week of unchallenged Trump worship!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Ayn.

Likely not a real sacrifice on your part since you planned a week vacation anyway. Have a nice trip!

Happy New Year!

Yeah, he is practically Henry Ford level mafiosi with a Russian twist.

Yet with all his faults, he’s still far better than the alternative.

A full week with out the incessant droning on about Trump.

How will we ever survive with out the hat filled rants???

like Trump is the only President with character flaws?
nothing like a cheating lying bastard like Bill Clinton, or equally despicable cheating Son of a bitch John F Kennedy who also fucked interns and was fucking Marilyn Monroe when Jackie was pregnant.

Or Lyndon Johnson, FDR getting his knob polished in the Whitehouse as the Nation was going through great depressions,. prohibition, world war 2.

As in for the globalist leftist socialist communist bastards well lets talk after 2020, I want to see what he’s done, but so far he has surprised me on what he has done, a hell of lot more than Obama the Great in his 8 long years


Those with a bad case of TDS seem unable to wrap their feeble minds around the concept of a thread topic.

The BETRAYAL OF AMERICA is the topic…as printed in the thread title. Marital infidelity has little to do with betrayal of the country. It was used in the article to explain the concept of trust being destroyed by actions…after having made a promise to be faithful.

Compare President Trump’s actions regarding support of our Constitution, border control, military preparedness, equitable global trade practices, shared cost of UN functions…with the actions of the left in opposing everything he is trying to accomplish for the betterment of this nation simply because it is he that is trying.

Liberals that just a few years ago spoke in favor of a form of border wall and the need to keep illegal immigrants out of the country are now in favor of no border and importing all the welfare recipients and voters we can muster. They are willing to destroy the country to express their hatred of Donald Trump and the fact that he beat Hillary’s ass in the election they thought they should have owned.

They put their own interests (control of the people) ahead of the requirements of maintaining a sovereign, independent, free nation and the Constitution that guides it.

By refusing to accept the results of the election, the liberals are undermining the democratic principles of this nation…just has Hillary characterized such behavior before she LOST.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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Who the F cares ? What democrat hasn’t done all of the above ? President Trump is the ONLY president ever to try to make good on ALL of his campaign promises . All Obama has done was divide a Nation !!!

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To some it’s about personal attacks.

Trump is forced by the courts to release the illegal asylum seekers into the US. Yet some think it’s Trump who isn’t enforcing the borders when it’s congress who allows the floodgates to open wide. Over 2000 illegals are released in El Paso Texas each week to disappear into the US.

Personality vs. Policy. I agree.


The previous liar in office cost Americans more each year in healthcare premiums yet some still say nothing.


After a pretty long life of watching politicians lie, cheat, steal, weasel and hide, I don’t really trust any of them - including Trump. His heart may be in the right place, but I don’t know him, never will, and what I see isn’t very ideal.

Trump has some practical deficiencies, apart from whether he’s trustworthy - I don’t think he had any idea of the snake pit he was aspiring to tame, and I see some flaws in his ability to see around the corner. I’m not sure of his ability to tell who will do the best for him, who he can trust. He’s obviously not self-disciplined enough and he’s inarticulate sometimes. He could use a little more of Ann Coulter’s depth on the subtleties of illegal alien problems, for instance.

He was amusing sometimes in those candidate debates, because he acted like it was almost totally a joke, which was about right. However, debating skill to go along with his disdain for political correctness would help, like when he was with Schumer and Pelosi recently. Telling them that they’re liars who want open borders and pointing out why in detail would have crushed them.

Trump should have done this shutdown earlier in the year, and fought the GOP weasels for the wall when he could have won. Now, they’re starting to talk about legalizing the DACA’s just to get another billion or two for the wall, I’m very disheartened.

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I don’t trust anyone who thinks they know how to run people’s lives, or what’s “good” for the country.

There’s not a single person here who has that answer for anyone other than themselves.


However, what President Trump is trying to do is fulfill his campaign promises…that the voters elected him to do. He stands for the Constitution, meaningful national borders, a strong national economy, higher employment numbers for all, companies moving back to the United States, lower taxes, a strong military…ALL OF WHICH the liberals oppose simply because it’s Trump’s agenda.

Liberalism is a betrayal of American values.

The current euphemism for “liberal” is “progressive”. It sounds so innocently noble. “Let’s make progress!” Their idea of progress is a march toward socialism, Marxism, communism and ultimately to equal misery for all but the ruling elite. That is the end game of socialism no matter how it is obtained.

Socialism is a betrayal of American values. Useful idiots of the left are just too STUPID and starry-eyed to realize this fact.

As he should. Statistically, he’s likely doing all sorts of shady deals behind the curtains like everyone before him, but the trade-off in this case seems to be some relief on the local working man for once.

“Breadcrumbs” isn’t completely incorrect - we’re still a society of shallow materialism at the end of the day.