The Betrayal of America: Who Do You Trust?


“Breadcrumbs” given to 200,000,000 or so people amounts to several cakes.


Given? How benevolent of those who took it in the first place.


It’s called taxation…a “gift” of the liberal side of life. Taxation is necessary. Over-taxation is not. I favor the Fair Tax…on consumption as opposed to income. That way…EVERYBODY PAYS.


Wanting and trying only goes so far. Being effective is what I expect, and as far as it goes with the wall, he’s failing. I don’t want excuses, I expect results. The wall was his biggest promise, and it is looking unlikely now.


Yes it is…because of the resistance of the left and the RINOs siding with the left.


Fair as in everyone pays the relative same, or fair as in the voters actually get to have a say in which alphabet soups administer the individual?


Fair as in 23% on all purchases…with allowances given to cover basic necessities such as food, utilities, clothing and shelter for a modest lifestyle.


Sounds like more than enough to continue on with the same bloated business as usual. At least it’s “fair” priced though. :man_shrugging:


The bloat can be relieved only through reductions in spending…not just reductions in the yearly increase in budgeted items. Some, if not many of the budgeted items can be totally eliminated.

The employee force of the state and federal governments can be purged of “non-essential” employees. If they are non-essential to government functions, let them join the public sector and find themselves productive jobs…and pay taxes on what they spend.


Pretty hard to build a wall when you have zero funding from the do nothing republicons in the house and senate.


At least Trump is trying to reverse it rather than double down it like Hillary would have done.


The 20’s will Roar. I have no doubt about that part.


Better the breadcrumbs of shallow capitalist materialism than the breadcrumbs of shallow socialist materialism.

Mind you, I think the whole private vs public ownership thing isn’t really all that honest because when you cut to the chase it isn’t about flesh and blood Persons personally owning and operating all means of production and distribution but about different forms entities with some form of corporate ownership.


I disagree. Both handfuls of breadcrumbs still come with the sad realization that I am never going to truly own my property.


Capitalism doesn’t require the government to interfere with private property in order limit it, only to protect it at some level, but mainly to respect contracts.

Progressivism, Socialism etc… these have required government to limit private property and arguably do require this to even be what they claim to be.

Now, when we’re talking about how the latter have put their stamp on the former contrary to what it requires but in accordance to what they demand, well, that’s another matter. If the State assumes that people exist to fund it and to be objects for their regulation and control then one should expect corporations to adapt and take advantage of it.


The Constitution, and whoever abides by it. It seems people have strayed from the founding principles for tribalism.


He could have, and should have, fought them earlier in the year when he could have threatened them with a shutdown. He had a window where he might have made them fear him more than Chuck Todd, but that window is closed.


This is how your trust os broken by congress.

Investigators believe the man suspected of killing Newman Police Cpl. Ronil “Ron” Singh is still in Stanislaus County, Sheriff Adam Christianson said in a news conference Thursday morning.

“We will find him, we will arrest him and we will bring him to justice,” said Christianson.

Singh, 33, was shot and killed at 1 a.m. Wednesday after pulling over a suspected drunk driver at Merced Street and Eucalyptus Avenue.

He exchanged gunfire with the suspect but is not believed to have hit him.

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While Christianson said investigators have identified the suspect, they will not release his name. He said the suspect is in the county illegally.

“He doesn’t belong here; he is a criminal,” Christianson said.

Less than two hours after after the press conference, President Donald Trump Tweeted about the suspect’s illegal immigration status.

“There is right now a full scale manhunt going on in California for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop. Time to get tough on Border Security. Build the Wall!,” he tweeted.

An emotional Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson also spoke at the conference, focusing on Singh and what made him special.

He spoke through tears about Singh and the impact his death has had on the small department of 12 sworn officers. This is the first line-of-duty death for the Newman Police Department.

“You have to understand, this was not supposed to happen here,” Richardson told a room full of media and community members at the police department. “I have been to too many of these funerals. I never thought I would ever have to do this. I do not want to be here today.”

Richardson said Singh immigrated to the United States from Fiji, determined to be a police officer.

He commuted more than two and a half hours to the police academy in Yuba City, which he put himself through.

He worked as a reserve officer for the Merced County Sheriff’s Office and as a cadet and animal control officer in Turlock before being hired by Newman in 2011.

“Anything he could do to get his foot in the door in law enforcement,” Richardson said.

English was Singh’s third language, the chief said. His thick accent made it difficult for him to communicate with dispatch, so he took speech classes.

“He truly loved what he did,” Richardson said. “You’ve never seen a man smile more than him. I know that is said a lot in these things, but you ask anyone, he was never in a bad mood. He loved being a police officer, husband and father. He loved to hunt and fish and jet ski and ride his flyboard.”

Singh is survived by his wife, Anamika, and their infant son.

“His five-month-old, he will never hear talk, he will never see walk; he will never get to hold that little boy; hug his wife … because a coward took his life,” Richardson said.

Read more here:


The House passed a bill funding the 5 billion toward the border fence…the Senate refused it. Pelosi was shocked when the vote in the House passed. She had claimed that President Trump couldn’t get the votes in the House or the Senate.


What’s sad is the left will pass a piece of trash for funding and send it to Trump after they open the house.

They will them blame Trump for the shut down with the media screaming their version of the facts.