The Best Reason To Hope Joey Bidet Doesn't Reach Room Temperature

A majority of LEGAL voters did not elect Jim Crow Joe.

When the Kevin McCarthy House impeaches this unelected felon and the Senate convicts him, Kamala the Ugandan Giant will be the greatest gift of all time to the Republican Party and America.

She is already hated by her party. And she’ll be going up against the greatest president in history (TRUMP) in 24.

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Trump’s plan would have succeeded. The Taliban saw what he did to ISIS and those animals in Iran.
Biden didn’t have that kind of credibility. (He is ILLEGALLY in the Presidents office)

The Trump plan would have (a) gotten out ALL US citizens and (b) NOT LEFT BEHIND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF AMERICAN MILITARY HARDWARE to those monkeys.

You seem to have a lot to say to not really care….image

So now you’re advocating resource war….:thinking:

Did you see what happened yesterday when Boris Johnson was in the WH with Joey Bidet and Boris was literally in the middle of talking and Joey’s Handlers all started SHOUTING and telling the WH Media Pool to GET OUT NOW.

It looked like Joey was falling asleep again and they were SHOUTING to wake him up and telling the WH Media Pool to GET OUT NOW in case Joey started rambling horsecrap post-nap. Joey was obviously drugged up again, he didn’t even LOOK at Boris and then he started to fall asleep AGAIN and then all the Handlers started SHOUTING.


Here’s the video of it from Rumble:


Interesting how the MSM glosses over, ignores the health issues Joe currently is experiencing

Similar to his meeting with the prime minister of Japan where he didn’t welcome him at the WH and had Harris meet him at the Executive office building. His reference to the Masters champ as your boy, a full grown man. I was watching HK and the Japanese media always reserved in their comments referred to it as an insult to the entire country. Ignored by the US MSM.

The MSM are pathetic Cucks of the highest order. Joey Bidet is basically a National Security risk and they don’t give a shit.

The MSM just HATE America, they have perfectly illustrated this for YEARS.

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Other countries know that it is just a 4 year glitch that everyone has to put up with.

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If Joe were the patriarch of a family, based upon his behavior and decision making he would be declared unfit to administer his Will.


That’s if Joey Bidet lasts 4 years, in my opinion he’ll be out before Summer 2022 and then Kameltoe will be in and whoever The International Globalists THEMSELVES choose to be her VP.

We’ll be TOTALLY fucked then because NOBODY likes Kameltoe, even most of the Democrats dislike her.

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Folks did not know what the consequences of their vote was.

Only when it affects them personally will they wake up (maybe).


The FAKE Doctor Jill Biden should be ARRESTED and charged with ABUSING an ELDERLY and VERY SICK man.

As a human being who has empathy for human beings who are very sick, I WANT to feel sorry for Joey Bidet BUT I remember what a NASTY PUNK he was before he had Senile Dementia, I mean Joey Bidet was ALWAYS a NASTY THUG, he was NEVER a likeable person he was ALWAYS a POS in a suit.

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He’s an embarrassment and a stain on this country.

As a person, I feel sorry for him.

But I don’t put my feelings for him in front of what is best for this country.


That’s why you should have to have an IQ test BEFORE you are allowed to vote, the situation is that too many stupid and ignorant and EMOTIONAL people get to vote. They do not possess the mental intelligence to weigh up the situation and consequences of their vote.

Too many EMOTIONALLY RETARDED morons voted because they were told Orange Man Bad, too many basic idiots voted because the MSM CONVINCED them that The Donald was Literally Hitler.

NOW EVERYONE has to DEAL with the consequences of these STUPID IGNORANT people being allowed to vote.


Imagine if a Governor was went through the same requirements as the President does with the Electoral College.

Would Newsom be Governor of California?


The answer is obviously no.

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So a guy with a 1000 acres of farm land casts one vote.

A city with a 1000 acres of city dwellers cancels that vote.

How is that fair?


It’s not fair, but it’s why the Leftists want to get rid of the Electoral College, they want only California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois DECIDING Elections, it’s GTFO to Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota etc

The Leftists ONLY want the biggest Democrat States DECIDING the Elections, the Leftists call THAT “Democracy”.

As Leftists across the World have now fully illustrated using Covid-19 as an EXCUSE they are ANYTHING but for Democracy, what they have shown is that they FULLY SUPPORT Totalitarian Fascism.

Actually LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP had the right idea on how to deal with China. When he is reelected for the THIRD time in 2024, he can put that country in its place.

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If The Donald doesn’t run in 2024 then I would support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as our Presidential Nominee, I certainly do NOT want Mike Pence running I NEVER liked Pence from the beginning.

It would be good having Ron DeSantis as President and Josh Hawley as Republican Leader of The Senate.

Mitch McConnell needs to GO ditto ALL the RINO’s, we don’t WANT The Uni-Party, we WANT an actual Conservative Party, a Right of Center party who do NOT support a TON of Leftist causes like the Global Warming Hoax, LGBTQ, BLM etc

I also think we should NOT allow ANYONE with Dual Citizenship to be ANYWHERE near certain areas such as the Interior Department, The State Department, The Department of Defense, The Treasury Department or ANY National Security Agency.

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