The Best Reason To Hope Joey Bidet Doesn't Reach Room Temperature

Nope, no difference. Trump would be faced with the exact same situation as soon as the chicken shit government fled the country and without their support the security forces dissolved and joined the Taliban….

Russia nor the UK nor the US will control Afghanistan, the Taliban will….

Whether we left ten years ago or ten years from now, it would be the same result. Taliban controls Afghanistan……

Trump would have made sure all Americans and those that helped us would have left and destroyed military equipment we couldn’t take.

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The equipment that was left was the equipment that you and I paid for over the last 20 years so that the Afghan security forces could defend the country and government from the Taliban in our absence.

Again, the government fled the country and without their support and funding the military dissolved and many joined the Taliban…

Phuck Afghanistan if they aren’t willing to defend themselves. We can’t stay forever and let the chips fall where they may….

It’s great we’re getting the hell out….

They fled because when they asked Biden for air support Biden ignored them. Democrats can’t govern

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I guess you realize that at some point the Afghan security forces have to stand on their own…after all the US is LEAVING…….

Biden was left with plans and guide lines to follow. He ignored What the great general Donald Trump left. Some say trump is a reincarnation of Patton

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Yeah, no worries about that….



ROTFLMAO, you just make it up as you go.


Duh, join the Taliban or die a real choice.

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According to how he acts he is a dementia case, but you would never admit that.

Like Biden, his doctors would never lie, ROTFLMAO.

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US security is paramount….

When you lose chuck Todd :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Instead of government building,we should have helped them develop their great natural resources. Some of them factor into the production of computer chips or parts of them.This would have created a better economy and standard of living and weaken Taliban influence. Because of Bidets senility, Communist China will move in and eventually control the chip production and EXTORT countries for them to have the chips.
We should have enough troops to keep the Taliban quiet.

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Instead of bombing the hell out of them and killing 50,000 civilians, I agree with you…:+1:
But that’s not on Biden, we wasted 20 years there, 3,000 American lives and billions of dollars. All those 20 years we could have been doing what you suggested….

That wasn’t in Biden’s or Trump’s plan….

Yes, but its a better alternative to how things turned out. This wasn’t an.eady decision to make.You are damned if you do or damned if you don’t . I would rather lose an election on principle and be proven right, than have the disaster that occurred. Any way you look at it , Afghanistan is a complex country with out any reasonable answer.

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Yeah, I agree. Guess what would have been even better. Not having gone into Afghanistan to begin with, considering the attackers and their money was from Saudi Arabia……:wink:

Yep, agreed………………………

Who gives a crap about trump other than you? You should be concerned about Biden’s dementia.