The Best Moments of AG William Bar Testimony

These are priceless moments where Democrats look like the idiots that they are! Enjoy!

The best one yet!

Meanwhile in Nadler’s Committee chaos erupts!

The Grasserly Dropping the Mic moment!

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We get closer and closer each year to what we used to see in Soviet Russia, Communist China, and Nazi Germany where the entire gov’t is used to punish the political opposition.

Barr showed some big cajones today standing up to them.

The democrats attempted yet another political lynching and ended up on the wrong end of their own rope.

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Great OP! I watched from gavel to gavel. Barr did exceptionally well. The Democrats did themselves in.

Crazy Mazie was the most despicable of the lot. She deserved the putdown she got from Lindsey and Ted. She is one dumb bitch.

It was quite easy to tell she was reading from note cards…likely written by some pimply faced liberal asshole on her staff.

Kamala Harris comes in second…and Corey Booker third. I especially liked when he said “…this is a serious moment…” Reminded me of his “Spartacus moment” he claimed to have had during the Kavanaugh circus hearings when he “bravely” revealed supposedly confidential material that had already been cleared for publication.

The Democrats are toast in 2020…unless they get off this Trump derangement/impeachment bandwagon they’ve created.


Mazie Hirono is a c**t

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Hirono is a real detestable piece of work. She lies and slanders anyone even remotely connected to Trump. She should be sued for the vile garbage and lies she spews!

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There were reports yesterday of Graham completely owning Hirono. I didn’t get to watch live because I need to earn a living…but from watching the highlights I do NOT think he obliterated Hirono by a long shot. He let her finish and she cut him off and then the strongest thing he said was she could ask questions but could not call Barr names. Hirono is bat shit crazy and getting worse, but Lindsey sort of let her off the hook as he did all the other nut job Democrats that Barr either ignored or shut down.

Like I said - I only watched the highlights but that’s my take.

What I found to be funny about this whole thing was that after weeks of whining about access to a less redacted copy of the full Mueller report, AG Barr made a copy available to them. Not ONE Democrat showed up to look at it. Instead, they spent the day yesterday slandering Barr. What the hell is it going to take for idiot liberal voters, to wake up and see Democrats are evil morally bankrupt two-faced treasonous scumbags, who literally lie about everything every time they open their big stinking mouths?

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Did you watch the first video in the OP?

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It is at the beginning of the video where Hirono is saying “gives us some credit for knowing what the hell is going on around here” when Lindsey Graham suddenly interjected by saying “Not really” that many have considered as a beat down to her. I put her in the same class as Tom Lieu who was humiliated by Candice Owens who are the sleazyest of the political class that are just out right liars.


I don’t think he let her off the hook, he just maintained his composure, observed decorum, and didn’t get down on their level. Depending on where you are from in the US, an aggravated southern gentleman might not be so easy to detect.

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Accusing a Senate colleague of slander on public record is a consider rebuke by any measure.

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Since she was reading words written on a note card (and because her words go into the written Congressional Record), she is guilty of slander and libel.

This is getting better. Doug Collins rip Nadler a new one!


And not 1 word about the LEAKD letter.

No one asks, whom lead the letter, perhaps they should bring in Mueller and say why did you leak the letter.

But the law exempts them from prosecution as long as they are soaking at the podium.

Yeah exactly. I suspect when Barr stated to Blumfart that the letter was written by one of Mueller’s lackys when he referred to it as being “snitty” I think he was suggesting that it was probably leaked by one of the partisans on his staff!

Personally I thought the best line of the whole day was when he just said a flat “No” when requested to provide his private notes of his phone call with Mueller.

The room went completely silent following the gasps.



They have both civil and criminal immunity when speaking from the floor. I’m not sure if that extends beyond the floor.

Well said.

The left is truly reprehensible.

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