The Arrogance of US Politicians - Rude Seattle City Council Members

This is a sad commentary of the state of our political discourse in our country today, when elected officials arrogantly dismiss a commoner, a voter, who wanted his voice to be heard, and is instead treated like a piece of toilet paper by the Seattle City Council! This should make every legal voter angry, because I am sure this is not just isolated in Seattle but all over the country.


Wow - what a bunch of assholes. That should be played on loop within the legal limits outside of polling stations come the next local election.

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That kind of political snobbery is the major cause of the deplorable conditions in Seattle today.

Arrogant liberal politicians generate poverty, homelessness and inefficient government.

I once had a desire to visit Seattle and spend some money.

Not gonna happen!

All three of our west coast states are FUBAR! I will never again see the Pacific Ocean with my naked eyes.

That’s how all of these left wing city councils are now. If you go to a place that’s completely controlled by Democrats expect to be treated this way.

That’s how it is where I live too. The City of Alexandria Virginia City Council behaves the exact same way. Justin Wilson who is the mayor of Alexandria, and the head of the City Council, will use his cult of followers to embarrass you on Twitter for challenging him and asking him questions. In fact, me asking him why he was having the City of Alexandria sign on to the Paris Climate Accords instead of filling potholes got me banned.

I went to an Alexandria City Council meeting to complain about parking in my neighborhood - commercial vehicles are not supposed to be parked in residential areas overnight. They said my neighborhood is an exception because of the high numbers of undocumented neighbors living there. I complained and said that they should all be deported. The police removed me from that meeting.

Keep in mind this is the same Alexandria Virginia where that maniac Bernie supporter, James Hodgkinson, tried to kill Republicans on one of our baseball fields.

No doubt. But just as this video displays, is more of a microcosm of most attitudes of the local, state, and federal level politicians and their current discourse towards the common voter today.

Not surprising as Virginia is headed by Raph Northam, a racist idiot who can’t seem to bring himself to admit his blackface and whitehoody!

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Northern Virginia never used to be this bad. I grew up here and so did my parents. This is the home of the NRA. There was always a good amount of immigrants here but not like it is today. If you want to know what it feels like to be a minority in your own country, come to Alexandria, Virginia.

It got really bad when McAuliffe started flooding the state with illegals all so he could help swing the state blue permanently. Now I have to live around these filthy scumbags.

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Yeah McAuliffe should be in jail, or least face some sort of legal backlash with his involvement of McCabe’s wife and the dirty money she received for her failed campaign! Don’t worry, because McCabe is going to be facing some serious legal problems soon enough!

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I hate to say it but we need to start giving the left a taste of their own medicine. At the local level these politicians live among the people, for the most part. We need to start protesting outside their houses and making ourselves a general nuisance to them until they get the point - THEY WORK FOR US.


Spot on and I whole hardheartedly agree! It always starts at the local level and works its way up!

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Minor correction:

They claim during campaigns that they will work for us.
They get paid to work for us.
They do not work for us.

In case you are curious, the makeup of the current Seattle City Council is as follows:

One listed as N/A.
Seven listed as Democrat.
One listed as Socialist.

Draw your own conclusions. As for me, I am not surprised at all. How did I find this out? Easy I called the Seattle City Council Clerk and the King County Office of Elections. It’s amazing what one can find if one just makes a few calls.


The current Seattle City Council of leftist is taking tremendous heat after this report was posted on You Tube. They have turned on the people they serve because they were called out. By the way the report was produced by a local Seattle TV station.


Once in office there appears to be for need to listen to the concerns of those they are supposed to represent ! SAD

Seattle like Portland, San Fran, LA are the picture of intolerance. They dislike and do not tolerate anyone that isn’t of a like mind.

No, we need to be examples of what having some class means. No protesting outside of their homes.

What we need to do is to vote them out. Leave them in the street with no connections. Pariahs.

They do need to be reminded that they work for us. They’ve lost sight of that. They think we work for them. And, quite frankly, we have voted those into office time and time again so that they truly believe it. Sad state of affairs.

Excellent video! That seals the coffin on my former desire to visit Seattle.


Yes it was well done and dove tailed nicely into the OP. I thought the woman who was addressing the city council was going to physically go after the mayor of Bullard when he started laughing at her…what a jerk he was.

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