The Absolute State of Britain Podcast Epsiode 2- Liberalism: Burning Books, Burning Churches

This week the lads pin the tail on the terrorist donkey, discuss Amazon book burnings and why mass censorship is communist, not fascist. It’s The Absolute State of Britain, Episode 2!


Book burning in the last century was part and parcel of both communism and fascism in Europe and Asia.

Germany today bans 100,000 titles. Hitler banned 1500.

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Millions of books were burned by the Nazis.

As far as titles go, it’s a false premise to begin with since there are millions more titles in circulation today than there were during the Nazi Era.

And what titles were they, and who wrote them?

Listen pal, listen to the podcast and then come back, mmmkay? Your questions are answered

I’m not your pal, I’m simply pointing out the fallacy of your claims.

Book Burning was synonymous with Fascism in 20th Century Europe.

And why was it synonymous, buddy? Who made it so?

The Fascists who were burning books!

And the people who then meme’d it into the public consciousness. Is Angela Merkel a fascist for presiding over a country which has banned 100,000 books?

I’m no fan of Merkel but then she isn’t leading a book burning campaign so again, quit with the false equivalencies.

Oh, so because she’s not publicly burning the books for their degenerate content but instead criminalizing their purchase or possession, it’s fine to censor thousands more ideas than Hitler did.

False equivalences? Physician heal thyself!


Hitler mainly banned degenerate titles on topics such as bestiality, pedophilia, and homosexuality. He got rid of the books that were designed to poison the mind. Hitler did nothing wrong by banning such titles.

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He also banned all books written or published by ■■■■■ communists, and none opposed to the Nazi Party.

When you hold up Hitler as an example of piety you’re really scraping the bottom of the cesspool for heroes.

The discussion is about book burning, keep up and stop deflecting.

I am about 30 minutes in and will continue listening on my way to work this morning. So far very interesting stuff. I feel like I should be drinking tea and waving a Union Jack - JOLLY GOOD!

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The discussion is about a podcast which discusses censorship in many forms and the connections between censoring ideas and radicalisation, not that you’d actually know this because you’re unable to even listen to the source material before blowing your stack.

Liberalism: Burning Books, Burning Churches

Which of the above words are you having trouble with, perhaps I can help?

Are you claiming to be in a position to discuss a topic with full understanding without consuming the source? Ah, who am I kidding. You’ve never read Mein Kampf and you’re more than happy to crap the bed about Hitler at a moment’s notice.

I read Mein Kamp probably before you were even born and likely before your parents were and I read it in both German and English.

As usual by assuming you are making an ass of yourself.

Well in which case, given your vast experience, I am disappointed in your low ability in assessing sources. In fact, you have been highly arrogant in assuming that you know all there is to know about a topic, then wading into a thread without listening to the arguments presented. You may well know many things, but you assume that you are always right.

Hubris is a great leveler. Tread carefully.