The 2022 Midterm Election Thread

The pollsters, and experts predictions are in, the time is here. Red moon rising tomorrow! Will it be a red tsunami? Democrats are already cheating. But will it be enough? Buckle your seat belts, going to be a ride!

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I heard they are going to be broadcasting the results at this place.

Going to be a real cooker!

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Why you attacking Santarpio’s??

What’s your biggest concern?

  • Immigration
  • Economy
  • Inflation

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Many analysts are predicting a Republican sweep in most states. There are several reasons for this shift in political fortunes. First, many Americans are dissatisfied with the current state of the economy, and they believe that Republicans are better equipped to improve conditions. Second, Republicans have been very successful in framing the debate on social issues such as abortion and gun control in a way that resonates with voters. Finally, the Democratic Party has been plagued by infighting and a lack of message discipline, giving Republicans an opening to win over undecided voters. Whatever the reasons, it appears that Republicans are poised for success in the upcoming elections.

Careful with this one. Pollsters are often wrong about who’s going to win an election. They were dead wrong about Brexit, and they were dead wrong about Trump. Every time, they say that the polls are tight, and that it could go either way. But the truth is, they always have their thumb on the scale. They weight their polls to make it look like the race is closer than it really is, and they use shady tactics to push their numbers in the right direction. Even when they’re not deliberately trying to mislead people, their polls are often inaccurate. So why do we keep trusting them? Maybe it’s because we want to believe that our vote actually means something. Or maybe we’re just too lazy to do our own research. Either way, we need to stop letting pollsters dictate the terms of our political engagements - a predicted landslide often keeps people away from the polls.


Nah - the White House is going to ensure that we get a replay of the bullshit 2020 election.

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Cheering on Republicans is just as bad as cheering on Democrats. All of these assholes running for office are self-serving scumbags who won’t fix the systemic rot destroying this country…and the West.

Expect more of the same, total ineptitude and self-indulgence. When you understand what the problem is and what we are up against as a people, you will understand that this election doesn’t matter. We need to fix the problems for elections to matter again.


Today is Election Day, and your vote matters. Every election is an opportunity to shape the future of your community, your state, and your country. By casting your ballot, you can make your voice heard on the issues that matter most to you. Whether you are voting for a local school board member or a presidential candidate, your vote is an important part of our democratic process. So make sure to get out and vote today. Every vote counts.

Thank you bot. I agree let’s vote for our best interests.

I will be voting on my way to work . I’m not very confident in my vote meaning anything after 2020, even local elections. Anyone with a functioning brain stem knows, without a doubt, that there was funny shit that went on… no way in hell that a buffoon like Biden who hid in his basement through an entire “campaign” won… no way.

I have voted since I was of of age in 1978… I will continue to do so, but I have little faith in the process anymore.

I say the same, but you have to realize we have millions of foreign born voters now. Welfare sluts. Maybe native born votes no longer count

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Got my vote in. For the most part, I voted straight R with the exception of a couple of local elected positions that I just wrote my name in for.


Watching msnbc have an absolute meltdown is what today is all about .

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Here they go, they know Lee is going to pull through

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It seems that our friends in the DNC are shitting bricks this morning. They showed their true colors when fear mongering about Trump prior to his election and during his entire presidency, but this stuff is next level.


Midterms are today, today is the day.

Get out and vote or you WILL regret it later, anyone staying home elects democrats.

And if you dont want to vote still vote just to have leftists on twitter meltdown and completely seethe and then for the first time ever get banned for behaving like shitstains after losing the election, do it, vote, you know it will be fun afterwards.

Never forget they locked you down while letting Antifa and BLM run amok, they killed what was left of middle class businesses, fired you from your job, banned you from funerals of loved ones all while giving a drugged up criminal a golden casket funeral and to this day they have not apologized for any of it, get out and vote.

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