Thank Goodness for the First Amendment!

When I was a young boy, if the American Flag fell to the ground you would pick it up and kiss it. I have always disagreed with the burning of our flag, but tolerated this practice because we are free to do so.
Now Germany has in addition to criminalising the burning of their own flag has now made it a serious crime to burn another countries flag. Thinking out loud does that include the flag of ISIS? Germany is just barely a free country.

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Burning the American Flag is actually the preferred method of disposal. When a flag is beyond reclamation to presentable condition, it should be ceremoniously burned.

Burning it as an at of defiance or protest is not included in that practice.

Before retiring your flag, buy a new one…Made In America!

Very interesting! I did not know those facts!

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I can’t wait to burn the flag on the 4th of July.

Germany has become an idiotic country run by Marxist liberals.

The term “liberal” is very deceiving, because they will not tolerate alternative views.

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Occam’s razor: Germany just want laws after laws to penalize and milk their citizens. Soon you will need a licence to piss in your own property, unless you’re an immigrant.

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Just wait until you hear that you will be subjected to mandatory vaccination, with dire penalties for anyone who declines the offer. It happens here - minimum fine for refusing ÂŁ5,000 increasing for every day of default.

Now we’re being arrested for peaceful protest.

The First Amendment is about to receive it’s LAST RITIES !!!

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I’ll burn your gay flag .

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You and your â– â– â–  buds :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


And I can’t wait to tackle you to put it out.

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LMAO! Very Funny and I agree!


It is certainly your prerogative. I highly doubt anyone cares what you do on the 4th of July.

Which is why you are here. Even negative attention is some form of attention.

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Here’s the fun part. They’re building their military back up again.

I suppose it’s the EU army concept.
What are they going to do without the UK?

NATO lost its raison d’etre long time ago.
Why is it still there?
Because it’s a great money machine (rather than war machine). Thus it requires a fake enemy or enemies.

You are 100% correct. It has no other mission, but to enforce it´s liberal agenda upon Europe. Clinton´s bombing of Serbia and by helping to steal Kosovo are just as bad as Russia stealing the Chimera.

Looks like the world’s liberals have been afflicted by some form of insanity.

The world’s liberals have been mentally ill for decades.

That reminds me of a clever trope: 'If you’re a liberal upto age 15, that’s fine. because you don’t know better, but if you’re still a liberal at age 16, you’ve got a problem. Actually is isn’t a trope, I just made it up. :sunglasses:

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Actually I think everyone is confusing Leftist with Liberal. Everyone has a few liberal ideas, but I am no leftist!