Terrorists bomb 8 Christian churches in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday… 207 dead, 499+ injured… Live Stream

It looks apparent to me that this is getting larger in scale! So now what? This is horrible to read this!

Pretty devastating photos of the bombings.


ENTIRE country of Sri Lanka is now under curfew! 21 million people now have been told that they have to be in their houses at 3:30 PM Sri Lankan Time and are told to stay there until 7am.

Just cohencidence of course

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We expel Muslims from our lands. Those who are citizens we give them the option of going to a Muslim country of their choosing and if they refuse we detain them indefinitely. Before anyone claims “muh civil rights” I don’t care. They are enemies of state and of our people. The do not integrate and they use our laws and values against us.


Libs will say it’s retaliation to mosque shooting…or will connect the two.

But we know differently.

We need to do something because I see them everywhere now. My family has a country house and farm out in the middle of nowhere in Arkansas. It’s been in the family for 150 years. It’s our family’s turn to do the maintenance and keep up with the property for the year. I went into town to the local hardware store and saw Muslim women with hijabs and face coverings pushing strollers down Main Street. I asked the shopkeeper where they came from. He told me he didn’t know…just one day they were all over the place and haven’t left. They never speak any English. They just come into the stores, act very pushy, buy what they need ON WIC and leave.

Dam! They are in Arkansas? That was Obama’s and Podesta’s social engineering plan. Flood the white states! I heard they were in Idaho too, where there was a rape case involving muslims who raped a white girl and they tried covering it up!

I lived in Turkey in the 70s for about 6 months and on and off in 2012.

I hardly saw a burka. Even my Turkish friends were kinda like… WTF? … when they saw women in burkas. Yet… in my upstate NY town Home Depot, I was in the plumbing aisle when this full-up burka came looking for something or other. There was someone else with her though and when she spoke, I immediately recognized the accent… Southeast DC (southeast Washington DC). Certain sectors of America’s black people just seemed ripe for the picking… and the Muslims did pick.

The Reuters Article I Have
Says A Couple Muslim Shops Went Up Also

Since Easter Has No Significance To Muslims
And Muslims Kill Other Muslims
Plus Bomb Rival Mosques Regularly
They Are Probably Unrelated Incidents


There Is Something Odd About Islam

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funny thing if it was a mosque and 207 died, it would have been a front page story

But its only christians and people killed in a luxury hotel, there is no need for the media to pick up the story right?

Lord knows they must have deserved it living in a mostly muslim country , So much for tolerance?

pattern of the attacks resembles that of certain jihadist groups, like Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) ISIS aka Israeli secret intelligence Service.

And they’ve probably been convinced that Islam is the religion of their people when not only was Islam the force that opened so much of subsaharan Africa to the slave trade, particularly through Timbuktu, and held that black slaves were less valuable than others it also had a “prophet” who was so white that snow might be compared to Mohammad.

(They made a point of praising how white Mohammad was … even made it death penalty material to say be was black).

“Easter worshippers”

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The Muslim minority is preparing for war against the Buddhist majority on a much larger scale. Attacking the Christians is just a primmer of what is to come.

This is a test of tactics and the ability to execute larger scale operations countrywide.

Hang on, it’s going to get rough.

That’s not going to work well with our constitution.

Sri Lanka’s population practices a variety of religions. As of the 2011 census 70.2% of Sri Lankans were Theravada Buddhists, 12.6% were Hindus, 9.7% were Muslims (mainly Sunni) and 7.4% Christians (6.1% Roman Catholic and 1.3% other Christian).

9.75% Muslims

It don’t take a hole lot of Muslims to cause terror

When muslims become as large a % of the US pop as blacks…what’s going to happen?

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I seem to recall that at about 10% of the population is one of the points that Islam tends ramp up its militant activity.

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Ten percent of 330 million is 33 million. Ten percent of that gives us 3.3 million likely Jihadists.

Yes. And at least 20 million folks for them to be tall grass in which to hide in and strike from.

If not more.

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“Easter Worshippers” ? What a d-bag! He can’t say Christianity! That would go against his globalist cuck’s agenda to whitewash the entire religion from history! What a bunch of horseshit that regularly gets spewed from this cretins mouth!

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