Terrorist Attack at Crocus Concert Hall in Moscow

Armed men stormed into Moscow’s Crocus Concert Hall during a concert and began shooting everyone.

Preliminary numbers indicate that 140+ civilians have been killed in the attack. Russia has begun a mass mobilization of military and security forces throughout the country.

The US has claimed that Ukraine is not responsible for the attack.

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The news from Russia I heard a few minutes ago said 40 killed and over 150 wounded, but the figures will probably change.

Terror attacks in Russia do happen and are politically motivated, unlike in the US where mass shootings, since the event at Columbine High School in Colorado where the shooters were Jooish (which all Joo media and wikipedia, etc do their best to hide), are perpetrated by such psychos.

The US and UK governments issued warnings on Wednesday, indicating that they knew.

The US immediately announced Ukraine didn’t do it? Huh? How did they know?

Just like the US “knew” Bin Laden did 911 before the dust settled literally on the same day?

That is almost an admission of guilt. Since when does the US speak for Ukraine? Funny!

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It was predicted! I guess when Russia kicks out all US diplomats then we will know the war enters a newer phase!

I read earlier that the US released a statement saying that “Ukraine had nothing to do with this” even before Ukraine had made a statement. Weird.


Yeah, that is what struck me as being odd. Since when did terrorist attack Russian Cities? No coincidence!

And the plot thickens!

The militants that attacked civilians in the concert hall were on their way to Ukraine.

The head of the FSB the detention of 11 people, including all 4 terrorists directly involved in the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall.

One of the possible shooter, they were stopped on the border to Ukraine Bryansk region.

Fayzov Muhammadsobir Zokirchonovich
He is taken to the hospital.

An ambulance doctor discovered an explosive device on one of the corpses after the terrorist attack in Crocus - source 112.

A device similar to a medical heart monitor fell out from under the clothes of one of the deceased when the body was carried into the hall for examination and identification. The doctor immediately noticed that the device looked strange and was installed incorrectly. The bomb was wrapped in tape, and a belt filled with something was wrapped around the deceased’s torso.

The security forces created a safe zone and called in sappers. They determined that it was an explosive device.

The IED was taken. The identity of the deceased is being established. It is possible that it was one of the terrorists.

One room in the concert hall is used for identification of corpses.

US information about the preparation of a terrorist attack in Moscow was of a general nature, without any specifics - a source in the Russian intelligence service told RIA news

The State Traffic Inspectorate of the Bryansk Region reported a restriction of traffic on a section of the M-3 “Ukraine” highway in the Bryansk Region

Russian media write that the Renault of the terrorists was discovered near the village of Khatsun, Karachinsky district, Bryansk region. The car did not stop when requested and tried to escape. During the shooting arrest, the car overturned. One terrorist was detained on the spot, the rest fled. A second suspect was arrested later that night.

The border with Ukraine is about 100 kilometers from this place.

Another arrested.

Generally many groups are trained equipped and used by Ukraine.

So it’s obvious that they went to their home base.


93 dead, many died due to the smoke.


Queue in Moscow at the FMBA blood center to donate blood for victims


Footage from the scene.



Stupid to hold concerts at a time like this, but Russia wants to keep life as normal as possible. What can I say?

The crimainals were originally from Central Asia. The governments of Kazakhstan, Tajikstan, etc., should be sending troops to support Russia, if you ask me.

I still think Russia should ask China or North Korea to send ships to be stationed (I don’t know the right word) around the Black Sea off Crimea.

I still have a better idea. Build a small to medium size naval vessel along the Volga (Yes, Russia has shipyards along the Volga) and sell / give to North Korea, so that North Korean crew can be trained by Russia in the Black Sea.

Some serious pain is coming!

A month ago (to the day!) at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Victoria “F the EU” Nuland promised they laid to Ukraine would allow the to “accelerate the asymmetric warfare that has been most effective” and that Putin is “sure to face some nasty surprises.”

Nuland left her post as the Deputy Secretary of State 10 days prior to this video. Moscow civilians were killed today in an act of terrorism (asymmetrical warfare).

Nuland was born in 1961 to Sherwin B. Nuland, a surgeon born to Eastern European Jooish immigrants from Bessarabia, then part of Russian Empire, with the last name Nudelman

The essence of the Jooish religion is terrorism.

Their “god” (whom some Christians foolishly worship) is a terrorist and enjoys terrorizing his own people. (Obey many laws and commandments, or else)

This is the best rundown I’ve seen anywhere. Thank you for pulling this together.

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This is so crazy that it reminds me the Las Vegas mass shooting, that nobody still can explain.

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Yeah No one can explain because it was an inside job (cough cough FBI Scum cough cough) aimed at Conservatives. It was also a trial run for what is to come in the coming months.

Here is Putin’s address translated in English

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I expected Putin to come out a bit more aggressive here. The fact that he didn’t tells me that something big is about to pop off.

This smells too much like a false flag operation in an attempt to bait Russia into doing something that will provoke NATO. This attack and the perps allowing themselves to be caught was not Isis and an Al- qaeda MO.

Col MacGreggor just said this and I happen to agree with him. The CIA and MI-6 was def involved in this operation.

The perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Russia escaped from Russia into Ukraine near Belgorod and are directly tied to Muslim elements fighting on behalf of UA.

We’re they originally ISIS or something else?

I have no idea, but there is Little doubt that MI-6/CIA were involved.

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Agreed. The fact that Toria Nuland was threatening this and the fact that the US State Department put a warning out about a mass casualty event 2 weeks ago paints a very clear picture.

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Looks fake and staged.


This is good propaganda for internal Russian consumption. My guess is NATO starts crying about this terrible treatment as they only want to coddle.