TaliBiden RAISES TAXES on the POOR


Biden’s ‘Inflation Tax’ Targets the Poor and Middle Class**

President Biden has repeatedly promised that he won’t raise taxes on American families earning less than $400,000 per year. Yet widespread and growing inflation due to his policies is – at least indirectly – breaking that promise. Call it the Biden inflation tax.

Consumer prices have increased at an accelerated rate every month this year. In April, core inflation rose at its fastest month-over-month pace since 1981. The producer price index grew by the largest amount on record last month. Commodity prices are skyrocketing, with corn rising by more than 50% this year, lumber elevating to four times its traditional rate, and copper hitting a record high.

Every Democrat President since Nixon has RAISED TAXES on the middle class and poor with their numbskull policies.
And THIS Democrat president wasn’t even elected legally.

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Just wait in a year gas prices will hit $5 plus per gallon . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Well, you know what is going to happen. The goose stepping liberals here are probably 18 years old, but I’m old enough to remember when Jimmy Carter’s tax increases on the poor and his Windfall Profits tax sent gasoline prices to well over a dollar a gallon. (Yeah, you’re scratching your head but I’m old fart enough to remember paying less than 50 cents as gallon).

And this economic malaise (the term STAGFLATION was coined then) led to Ronald Reagan’s LANDSLIDE victory. It will pave the way for Trump’s THIRD landslide victory. But this time, Republicans are going to be so pissed that they are going to HAUNT the polling sites in all blue states and Foxnews will cover the fraud.

Neither JIm Crow Joe nor Kamala the Ugandan Giant will be president in 24.

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I certain the reason Ronald Reagan won was because of the hostages and asswipe dems like murderer Kennedy preached we should apologize to the scumbags in Iran . WTF

If the dems tax the poor then they will be recouping those welfare dollars , not sure how they will tax the millions of illegals dumped in the 20,000 Cities , voodoo anyone ?

Years ago they used to say that if gas ever hit $5 per gallon there would be an actual Revolution, of course WHEN it happens, probably within a few months or even less, the majority will just bitch about it and sit at home watching TV or sit at home wasting their brain cells checking Instagram, TikTok etc

It’s taken years to get to this point ie. the near total dumbing down of the population, but here it is, and this moment is WHY they persisted in doing things to dumb down the population so that they would go like lambs to the slaughter without ANY resistance whatsoever.


We import those with less than a 4th grade education , what would one expect but a dumber USA .




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The hidden tax that hurts the poor and middle class the most is INFLATION.

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Oh, I’m sure Iran factored into it. But Reagan ran on the Misery Index as a reason to get rid of the Peanut Brain.

Except the government doesn’t get that money. It is INFLATION that hurts everyone. \

I’ll be glad when President Trump is back in office, where he can DEPORT those animals once and for all.

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We’ll know if that’s true in 24. If Kamala the Ugandan Giant becomes president, then America has finally gone down the dumbass shithouse.

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And liberals STILL have no clue as to the cause of inflation.

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What’s funny is how y’all are constantly bitching that the poor pay no taxes and then pretend to be angry when they are taxed more…

More patent evidence that it’s nothing more than an opportunity to bitch about Biden….:joy::joy::joy:

Excuse me? Who is complaining that the poor pay no taxes? Where did you get THAT moronic lie? Of COURSE the poor pays taxes. Whether they pay them indirectly (property taxes for the trailers they rent) or sales taxes for the whiskey and cigarettes they buy, they pay taxes. And you LYING about what someone says only shows your lack of any brains or integrity at all.

Biden is HURTING the poor and middle class. If you don’t care, then you’re the problem. Your Woke goose stepping side is always pushing the poor in our faces, and your IDIOT unelected President has just made their lives more miserable.

Gasoline has gone up more than a dollar a gallon since Jim Crow Joe destroyed America’s domestic energy production. A person making $180 a week. (which is working poor) who pays $20 a week in gasoline is now paying $10 more. Items in the stores have gone up so much that a poor person will be paying as much as $15 a week more. At an extra $25 a week, that’s more than a TEN PERCENT INCREASE IN THE COST OF LIVING for poor people who are living from paycheck to paycheck.

Your woke goose stepping side of the aisle only means MISERY for the poor and middle class.

The mainstream conservative/Republican mentality means more poor becoming middle class and more middle class becoming rich. That bothers you because you thrive on misery.

WOW !!! Funny guy . Time to check the mirror a-hole :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Calm down, it’s going to be ok….

Nobody’s going to get slaughtered….:roll_eyes:

Just the American economy, thanks to UNELECTED JOE.

Well yeah…
There’s plenty on the fringe right that threaten revolution regularly. They claim now that the election was stolen from their president and there’s still no revolution….

It’s just bluster….

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