Taiwan Votes to Remain Independent From China

(Hong Kong Free Press) […] Taiwan’s incumbent leader Tsai Ing-wen has won Saturday’s presidential election, defeating her Beijing-friendly rival Han Kuo-yu by a wide margin.

[…] With 8.1 million votes as of 10:30pm, Tsai won the highest number of votes of any presidential candidate in Taiwan’s history of democratic elections. Han, on the other hand, received just over 5.5 million votes, according to the Central Election Commission (CEC).

Tsai stated in her victory speech: “I want to once again call upon Beijing authorities to remind them that peace, clarity, democracy and dialogue are key to positive cross-strait interactions and long-term development,” she added. “I also hope that Beijing authorities understand that democratic Taiwan and our democratically-elected government will not concede to threats and intimidation.”

What are the chances the mainland gov’t will respect the vote?

Won’t matter, Han was their hand picked candidate, as is Carrie Lam in HK and we now know how that ended up. Democracy spoke.

So for now at least Everything is solid?

No, this is just the beginning. One thing that I learned from the Chinese and Cultural Marxists is that they never quit especially when a patient approach is applied. Vigilance and being actively engaged politically is the key to ultimate victory.

That’s why I said “for now”.

The Chinese always think far ahead while we in the west get stuck on the short term.

When we’re thinking in terms of hours, they think in terms of weeks.

When we think in terms of a decade, they are thinking in terms of centuries.

Yep! I was thinking the same thing when writing my previous response, which is a beautiful thing to watch when democracy wins. We could learn a thing or two from our Asian friends when dealing with standing on principles.

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This was a great victory for Free China.They should declare their independence as a country .The U.S. should immediately recognize them as a country, establish an Embassy and a military presence.


They should but they won’t doing so would be a huge provocation to China to act aggressively.

England should have never given up Hong Kong; should have worked on keeping it. Did the Brits have to leave; or did some British politicians sell them out the same way we got fucked on the Panama Canal?

They agreed to give it back over a hundred years ago. Different regime back then.

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Well, it’s known as the AIT, but essentially…

The key word is “De-facto” which means unofficial! This is old news and the point is there is a good reason why Taiwan has never officially declared independence from China. Not sure what point you are trying to make here, but the US has always had a relationship with Taiwan.

Thank you for that news of the AIT.It would be great if President Trump would renounce by Executive Order the one China policy and replace it with a two China policy .
The Leftists in the House would be surprised and butthurt but who cares.

Realistically that is not going to happen. You do know that the US and China are officially signing the phase one of their trade agreement this coming Wednesday right?

Such scorched earth policies will have the US in certain war with China and you aren’t ignorant of that, so you must be a neocon supporter of perpetual war. Apparently Trump’s campaign promises of ending war and bringing troops home was not what endeared him to you.

You’re welcome…

No, I don’t support perpetual war, but I support continued pressure on Communist China and it’s goals in SE Asia and world dominance . An invasion of Taiwan would have grave consequences on Communist China.

Well then you can’t possibly support pressuring/provoking other countries towards it. Can’t be both ways.

I am curious to ask you, have you ever been to Taiwan? I asking because it’s an hour flight from where I am at and it’s an interesting place to visit. I don’t know how old you are but there was a time when a lot of things sold in America was made in Taiwan that was until we made a deal with the devil and that soon started disappearing. Why does the latter matter you might wonder? Not hard to figure out by supporting our democratic allies we do so through trade, an introspection of where we are today and where our allegiances align.