SYRIA ''civil'' war?

Patrick Lawrence is a paid shill for the Russians he has to pull his head out of Putins ass to speak

Who is an idiot shabbos goy?

You are and always have been. Read your owne damned citation that confirms exactly what I said above.

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Use your head.

If a country like Taiwan or Germany wants to export stuff to the US, it cannot use the railroad.
But China can use the railroad to dump its stuff on Europe. It doesn’t preclude the use of cargo ships and planes.

Now back to Syria. If you want to reach the Mediterranean Sea while traveling on land from China, where will it be?

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Quit burying yourself even deeper. I again refer you to my first reply on the subject which was again confirmed by your own cited article.

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That seems simple enough and not lost on anyone. But I guess for the sake of argument which some people get too much enjoyment out of to ever agree.

Syria has been part of the silk road, while at the same time it overlaps with the territory for the Zionist Greater Israel plan. That gets the shabbos goys and Israeli shills excited.

Needless to say, the so-called civil war in Syria was instigated by Israel and the Zionists in Washington DC under different masks.

Look, the ISIS Baghdadi guy was Jewish and Israeli to boot.
Smart people now know where terrorism comes from.

Quit lying. There isn’t an ounce of evidence supporting that claim and everything known to be factual shows it to be completely false.

Deutsche Welle?

I stopped listening to DW long time ago, because it’s nothing but a mouthpiece for Zionist Jews.

Yet you can’t dispute any of the facts cited and everyone who disagrees with you is either a Jew or acting on their behalf.

You’re so full of shit it’s pitiful.

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I humbly submit my opinion that ISIS was created and funded by Israel and the Zionist camp.

Other terrorist groups were created, moderate or otherwise, to let them fight among themselves so that the situation in Syria will be a total chaos and life in Syria will be impossible.

The US bombing of the Syrian infrastructure didn’t help either.

And there’s not one ounce of evidence to support your lie.

ISIS was started by members of Al Qaeda that were too radical and violent for even AQ to handle.

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More conspiracy nut BS. AQ was born out of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

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Actually, it’s all manner of foreign interference in Muslim countries that is radicalizing so many of them. From the US to Russia to the EU.

Global Research…really?

Globalresearch is an “anti-Western” website that can’t distinguish between serious analysis and discreditable junk — and so publishes both. It’s basically the moonbat equivalent to Infowars or WND.

That’s why George Bush 43 (crypto-Jew) pretended Muslims did 911.
At the same time “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order” was published. The author was a Brit, I think. A press-stitute of sorts to sell the New World Order.
Remember that the Soviet Union was a slave state of the Rockefellers and did everything it was told. The Cold War was a hoax.

Telling the Muslims that Christians are their enemy.
Telling the Christians that Muslims are their enemy.
Cui bono?

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And the US created AQ to fight their proxy war against Russia.
So AQ morphed into ISIS in Iraq - then they moved to Syria -
So I think we all can agree that US/Israel created AQ ergo they created ISIS.

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Says who?..