Swedish Woman Kicked Off Bus For Wearing Shorts - Allahu Akbar!

Apparently, the bus driver didn’t like that a Swedish woman was wearing shorts on a hot day. I wonder why? It’s typical for women and men in Western countries to wear shorts on a hot day. I guess this is what happens when you import people from cultures that are not compatible with your own.

A young woman has blasted a ‘sexist’ bus driver who kicked her off a bus in Sweden for not wearing enough clothes during a 27C heatwave. Amanda Hansson, 19, was left ‘humiliated and furious’ after being ordered off the bus in Malmo last Friday. She was wearing shorts and a bow knot camisole top when the driver blocked her. In a Facebook post, she claimed the driver told her she was ‘showing too much’ and refused to let her board.


Looks like the transition to a full caliphate is coming along nicely.


Women in the west, finally, are paying the price for supporting and encouraging crazy politics and politicians. This is only the beginning.


I hope that the younger generation coming up in Sweden sees stuff like this and begins to start raging inside. I hope more incidents like this keep happening so these kids keep seeing them and bottling up how they feel about it. Let it keep happening and building up until they hit early adulthood. Then the lid will get blown off and they can save the west. Until then, expect attacks on whites in their own lands to continue and for nothing to be done about it.

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I don’t blame women, entirely. Globalists made an appeal to emotion and women naturally took the bait. Fourth wave feminism has essentially silenced men so even if they tried to offer a counter opinion it would have been rejected outright.

What’s crazy to me is that as soon as these refugees started arriving in places like Sweden, incidents of rape skyrocketed. that should have been enough to wake up both men and women but sadly it did not.

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Only a retarded Muslim would be angry with her for wearing shorts on a hot day. Shame on these Swedish cucks for not white knighting immediately and beating the bus driver within an inch of his life.

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The bus driver is probably a Muslim sympathizer, wearing a towel or sheet on his head. Another result of Sweden’s increased PUSSICATION and bowing down to Muslims.
Next Sweden will enact Sharia Law to replace their Judicial System,force women to wear hijabs and eliminate pork.The people will only rebel when the Caliphate is established and then it will be to late.

Thinking more about this issue…I love the irony of all this. Feminists vilified the fake patriarchy which they associated with white western males and facilitated the invasion of the real patriarchy, courtesy of third world Islamists.

Playing devil’s advocate here:

There are no pictures of what she was actually wearing that day. People have been kicked off of flights and public places for their attire (or lack thereof).

The article said it was not a religious or political motive for the driver.

That makes me question if she just flat out looked so indecent letting her ON the bus would have caused an incident.

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From the article:

She was wearing shorts and a bow knot camisole top when the driver blocked her.

The company said on its website it has no policy regarding women’s clothing.

I was in the grocery store the other day. A shopper was wearing what she may have defined “shorts” but left half of her ass half hanging out when she was standing upright.

When she bent over to grab something on the back shelf it became obscene.

I’m just saying it may not be all that negative about the driver since no one can actually see how she was actually dressed that day.

There are too many people looking to stir things up these days. Call me what you will, but I’d really like to see both sides before coming down on one side or the other.

My grocery store may not have a policy on attire, but I damn sure wouldn’t be sad if they’d booted that girl out of the store or told her to put some damn decent clothes on.

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Who are these women??? And why were they beheaded??? And where will they beheaded???

These are naive Scandinavian girls killed somewhere in north Africa.
The photo was then posted by the criminals on the Facebook page of the mother of one of the girls.

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Are these the two Swedish girls that went on the bike ride and were murder in Morocco or Tunisia wasn’t one of them a refugees welcome activist

I thought they were a Dane and a Norwegian.
Modern liberal education does that to you.

This has happened more than once a Italian artist was the first of the top of my head they have also been American couples I know of a Spanish couple and I believe multiple people from Denmark Sweden and Finland have falling into this trap of believing everyone is good and nice and that there is no tribal tensions in the world

The same people that believe they can get on a bike and cycle through the middle East or North Africa I wonder if they would go out to a crime ridden part of their capital city in their country late at night showing wealth I believe they would not do that because they know that would be a recipe for disaster I believe they see their own cultures as immoral and they see the people in the middle East (Muslims) as moral good people and they go out of their way to prove this with and it leads to awful consequences

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It’s not their wealth they show off, but their legs.

I was once on a plane (American company) in Saudi Arabia.
And of course there were American stewardesses (whatever they are called nowadays, flight attendants) wearing regular skirts.

As they went pushing a cart to serve (non-alcoholic) drinks, many Muslims looked back — just to see the legs.

I am missing the part in the lnked story where it says the driver was either a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer (whatever that is.). Do you have more detail that you are not passing on, or are you just making that up?