Sweden to Remove Ancient History to Teach Women's Studies and Postmodernism

What else would are we to expect from a cucked country, dominated by communists, feminists, and Islamists? He who commands the past commands the present, he who commands the present conquers the past.


Well would you just look at that. the world’s first feminist government sure is making a name for itself.


What a mess.

Sweden is what we should all look at to see what lies ahead for us all.

We’re all seeing our rights, history and race attacked and erased.

The future is bleak.


Sweden is a consensus culture… where the media and opinion tyrants have set about preventing people from making consensus. Billions of crowns are spent on immigration policies, welfare for immigrants, and nonsense like gender equality initiatives and women’s studies programs trying to “fix” something that isn’t broken. Swedes are soft-spoken people, and this quiet nature is what has allowed the leftists to step on everyone over and over again.

In the long term this all will come back to bite the leftists in Sweden as the tax base can’t support these initiatives. Instead of fighting, Swedes are leaving the country because they want their labor to have value rather than be parasitically siphoned off to push policies they don’t agree with. Eventually the money will stop flowing, and Sweden will begin to break down.

Arabs and Africans will eventually turn on the native Swedes, and the country will begin to resemble South Africa. I need to get my elderly parents out and living with me in the US before that happens.


They will probably label all of the artifacts that they are going to remove as symbols of the patriarchy and destroy it.

Poor little soul. Don’t like it when the tables are turned…

So you want European countries destroyed? Why? That sounds incredibly racist to me @montecresto1. Are you a racist?


I didn’t say that. Odd that’s what you twisted my words to mean. It is ironic to me though how imperialism and exploitation is perfectly fine when white people are doing it and a real handwringer when anyone else is doing it. Speaking of racism…

That’s how I read it too @Ashley - it seems our friend @montecresto1 thinks that innocent people should be harmed because elected officials made foreign policy decisions that he disagreed with at some point in the past.

Wrong, US/UK and EU foreign policy in the ME has killed and harmed the citizens thereof for decades, and the op and every op on this forum that’s posted on this subject always ignores the fact that the west has caused the very problem that has you all wringing your hands.

Two wrongs don’t make a right @montecresto1. I think most people agree that invading Iraq was a stupid move. However, I find it amazing that liberals fail to understand that Obama and Clinton destabilized the majority of the Middle East and unelected bureaucrats in the EU went right along with it.

So you think the actions of a few bad actors should result in an entire population being punished? How do you square that? That is a morally bankrupt position to take and you know it. It is also intellectually dishonest. You clearly have some kind of animosity towards people of European descent…so why don’t you just admit it? I’m sure you don’t want to be called racist but neither do any of us - that doesn’t seem to matter to anyone on the left though does it.

That’s true. But you’ll forgive my frustration having complained on message boards since the western invasion of Iraq that our policies would create a global refugee crisis and the chickens would come home to roost, and in fact that’s whats happening, and STILL, nobody’s learned any lessons.

A lot of people have been saying it. I was all good with Afghanistan after 9/11 but have not supported any other actions in the Middle East since - including Iraq. I make my living as a defense contractor and have seen first hand the absolute mess that was made in Iraq.

But that doesn’t mean I am rooting for the destruction of Europe and the West because politicians fucked things up real bad. That’s insane.

Well good for you. This is a self made problem of the west’s and pointing it out is not rooting for it. I’d prefer to see Trump evacuate Iraq, A-Stan, Syria and the other countries that are being illegally bombed presently. The problem that’s causing westerners to wring their collective hands is being perpetuated by their own governments.

The US is not doing nearly as much “work” as we had been under Obama and Bush. Saudi Arabia is the real destabilizing force in the region as is Iran. Don’t act like they are innocent little babies. They aren’t.

Wtf, I didn’t even mention Iran or SA. What makes you think that I excuse them? So sense you didn’t mention Israel should I conclude that you think that they are innocent of stirring the pot?

Anyway, to the op, the very nations suffering are themselves responsible for creating the crisis.

The US is currently bombing seven counties with neither a declaration of war from congress or a UNSCR for any of them, and its refugees from all those countries that are causing the problems that the op is complaining about.

To create the refugee crises in Sweden and Germany artificially.

A good friend of mine that lives in Norway is Swedish. A few years ago when she came to visit, we talked about Trump and she couldn’t fathom voting for him over Hillary. She was anti-gun and pro- big government. Fast forward to today, she’s trying to immigrate to the US, agrees with a lot of Trump policies and goes to the range with me every time she comes to Houston. She is seeing the danger in big government due to what’s happening in Sweden and wants out. She honestly believes that Europe is headed down the path that created an atmosphere where WWI and WWII had to be fought. She now understands the original intent behind the 2nd Amendment and gets why I’m anti-gun control. She even objects to background checks.

What’s the point? If you take your time and have solid respectful debates, most people will eventually see why Socialism and government control is bad.

Sadly, most people believe what mass media and liberal education tell them hook, line and sinker.

The world can use more rebels, not fake ones but real rebels who fight against the paradigm of the day. Call that “matrix” (I think it means womb, where humans are formed) if you will. It’s a hard nut to crack.

The movie wasn’t as far fetched as some think, but it’s another story.

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