Sweden! Another Bombing

Police in Staffanstorp were left stunned after an explosive device was detonated outside of the city’s police station during the early hours of Monday morning. Well Sweden is learning the hard way,you cannot appease people who live in the stone age!

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The thing with liberals is that they always do have to find out the flaws in their simplistic rationales the hard way, because they don’t seem able to predict it. The trouble is that those of us who live in the real world have to learn the hard way too.

‘Refugees are welcome here’? :roll_eyes:


Give me your tired , your poor , your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the codicil: Give me your degenerates, your criminals, your religious fanatics, your primitives, those who will drain our resources, & illegals who will slaughter our citizens. ( Liberal 101 ).

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Oy vey, Sweden must become Islamic in order to destroy white supremacism. Only tolerance and Islam must exist in Sweden.

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For fucks sake. Sweden needs stricter bomb laws and background checks


I honestly can’t even imagine what Sweden (or western Europe) will look like in 50 years. It’ll be terrible no doubt. I just hope I live long enough to see it. Yet despite everyone pretty much acknowledging this as fact…this keeps happening:

  • America very slowly tries to copy western Europe for decades

  • America slowly turns to shit because of these policies

  • America still tries to copy Europe

I guess I won’t have to travel far to see the destruction since we will make it happen right here in the good ol’ US of A anyway.


Europe is screwed. It is possibly the biggest fuckup in the history of world. At least Europeans were able to recover from two wars. But they can’t really turn back this cultural warfare. Europeans can’t change the way Muslims think even if they spent a trillion Euros on education. Europeans should not have let them in. Sweden opened the gates first. The bombings and rapes will continue until there are no Swedes left and the Islamic Caliphate of Swedenistan is established.

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And once again, I quote my grandma Vilula: “If you don’t listen, you surely will feel”.

Letting them in followed western aggressions in the ME in earnest. Consequences…

Muslims started getting “let in” to Sweden as a result of all those Yugo wars. That had nothing to do with the US/EU and the Middle East.

We are dealing with mind sets that are anchored to the 7th century. No positive ground gained in 1,400 years. Can we at least be honest? The Golden Age of Islam came & went. The Muslims religious kookaboos were terrified of enlightenment.

They STARTED then, but as I said, they began coming in earnest following US/EU interference in the ME/NA regions. In fact last year bore a global record of refugees due to violence and the majority of those are from three countries. The three that the west are militarily involved in.

It’s interesting that you call the requests for military assistance and support from sovereign foreign states…interference.

There’s not always requests. What requests have there been from A-Stan, Iraq to begin with, Libya, Syria, Yemen? Furthermore, the United States has a constitution (you know, that thing you guys love when it suits your interests) with requirements for war. The US is a founding member to the UN which also sets rules for war. None of which are being followed presently.

As you know, the Constitution hasn’t been followed since World War II regarding US involvement in foreign wars - as no wars have been declared but have certainly been fought.

So why hasn’t Congress done anything about that in 60+ years?

Also - you are derailing the thread with this bullshit as it has nothing to do with Sweden.

Yeah, thank you for reinforcing my point. This is my chief perennial complaint and the driving factor of my voting history.

It has everything to do with Sweden and the complaint of the op. Sweden has supported much of the western interference in the ME/NA and therefore have contributed to the “migrant problem” that has so many of you triggered…:man_shrugging:

And then Swedes can all be taught about Mohammed the White Man.

Still didn’t have to let them in.

It is okay if their lives sucked ass where they were.

… shut the doors…