Sweden! Another Bombing

They aren’t letting in that many. The brunt of the global refugee crisis is being borne by poor developing countries who are suffering in near silence.

I guess when it comes to our involvement in other countries, our Liberals are “The Voice of Reason” . In other news: Dianne Feinstein: War Profiteer - Antiwar.com Original

Will they teach that Moe was a pedophile? Of course, that has trickled down all through the history of Islam. IN STONE DOCUMENTED. Get on board, and it’s OK to have sex with innocent little girls. And once again, my list of reasons for Public Crucifixion grows larger: https://youtu.be/AX9JsYHgZZ4?t=4

When it comes to war specifically, nearly none of them are a voice of reason…

I will say, I had no idea what was going on in Vietnam. Then we had to sign nondisclosure forms (??? ). I had no idea what I was not to disclose. It was totally nuts; but, it was the most frightening and also the most exhilarating time of my life. When you’re a kid, you often dive right in, with no rhyme or reason. I did not want to be there; I wanted to be here, drinking beer, smoking weed, and trying to boink every girl in the senior class. Instead I decided it would be best to walk into a country where I knew no one, and the people I didn’t know wanted to shoot me through the fucking head. So, no rhyme or reason. I can say that now, since I came home in one piece. Others were not so lucky.


This is probably the start of a jihad against Sweden by the Muslim immigrants . Hope the Swedes don’t pussy out.

Put the following words in their correct order to make a well-known saying or phrase: good it’s no stable horse door after the bolted has closing the

You were in good company - the erstwhile politicians and Pentagon big cheeses didn’t either.

By now, they won’t know where to begin?

This is who is “protecting” Sweden. It’s no wonder there are no-go zones and bombings everywhere.