Surviving an encounter with an Armed, Angry Criminal

See, now that’s the reason I carry the .45. I may go down, but I know damn well, I ain’t goin down whimpering or begging for my life.

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Too many people don’t carry…for one stupid reason or another. This message is for them.

I too carry…24/7…even when in my home. I have three loaded pistols near my favorite chair, one in the bathroom…and a 12ga pump near the head of my bed.

Depending on what I’m wearing, I carry a .380cal, a .40cal or a 9mm…all Glocks. Sometimes I add a Bond Arms Snake Slayer .45/.410 to the mix.

However, if someone is pointing a gun at me while I do not have my gun in my hand (ready to fire), I am going to be polite.

Must be sad to be so afraid to live your life.

Who the fuck is going to attack you while you are taking a dump?

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What’s wrong with being prepared for the worst?

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ATM trips. One hand holds my debit card, the other in my pocket holds the Bulldog .44.

No one in their right mind.

That is a really nice piece! What did you pay?

Are all your firearms chambered or just the one you carry?

All except the 12ga pump. I like the sound it makes when it’s being chambered. Also, that sound can change a person’s mind. I’m not itching to kill anyone, but I will do it if necessary.

You don’t have any kids around do you?

Yeah I agree the sound of a Mossberg pump is pretty intimidating and usually is enough to make burglars flee in a hurry!

I wouldn’t know.

That’s got to be the stupidest question I’ve heard in years…for several reasons. You make so many assumptions…makes me wonder if you ever attended school.

Have ot read tis yet but if it’s I expect it will say that your best weapon in such a situation is your brain. Well prepared and nimble to gain control of the situation.

For me a pencil is more effective at close range than pistol. The sound of my 12 gauge being cocked works wonders should anyone enter our downstairs ( It’s been tried and proven)

Spraying the neighborhood with your bumped stock semi auto pop gun…not so much.

It’s late and I’ll read the article tomorrow, thanks!

Nope! I live alone. Whenever I have guests of any age, the guns are unloaded and put away…except for the .380 I keep in my pants pocket…and the 12ga pump which is hidden in a cedar chest.

Well, it almost resulted in my three year old nephew being shot when he entered his mothers bedroom early one morning at Fort Campbell back in 1963.

Thankfully sis’s wrist were shaking so badly that she missed.

Shaking wrists is what you get without having training and the resultant mindset.

You’ll shoot your eye out kid…or, although it’s tiny…worse.

Man…you live alone and are seriously this terrified?

You deal drugs or something? What a terrible life to live all that fear and such.


Nah! That’s the only one I ever carry without a holster. I put nothing else in my right front pocket. I keep all fingers out of the trigger guard until I’m pointing the gun at something I want to shoot.

The reason I keep the semi-auto pistols chambered is that I don’t want to have to rack in a cartridge before shooting the first round.

I’m thinking of getting a 9mm Beretta double action with a hidden hammer (can’t be cocked with the thumb)

You assume too much. I’m not terrified at all. I’ve been into guns ever since I was 10 years old.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being prepared for whatever comes your way. (I learned that in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and real life.)

I don’t practice anything illegal. I’m a supporter of police and all other LEOs. One of my favorite friends is a K-9 officer (carries guns AND dogs to crime scenes). He’s the one that got me the .380 and turned me on to Glocks. (He has about 15 Glocks at home.)

Your questions are not quite as stupid as the one from @toastedcheese, but your assumptions are just as loony.

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Me too. I attended the world 1963 World Jamboree in Greece, the 1964 National at Valley Forge and was in the 1965 Service Corps at the New York World’s Fair.

I’m prepared also, just feel no need to live in an armory.

Each to his own according to their needs. Was that Lenin? I forget.