Strong Democratic women are Trump's kryptonite


Exactly. Trump is just a crossdressed NYC liberal who knowingly employs illegals.


My gut tells me that never Trumpers will have even less of an impact in 2020 than they did in 2016. IMHO


I disagree; the wall is needed, yet it is now only a chess piece, the nation knows that Pelosi is using this to block Trump no matter what. The Dems just balked on an agreement after suddenly demanding that fewer beds be available to house detained invaders.

Her base knows this and shares her view that power is everything; conservatives know this and hate her for the pettiness and duplicity; independents, likely view it as a petty move, but neither conservatives or independents will stay home from voting in 2020.

There is simply too much at stake. The Dems have revealed themselves by doubling down on what their prog. nutcases demand, Trump should take the best deal he can get, then go on TV and say:

"My fellow citizens, I have worked tirelessly to secure our southern border. Democrats have fought all efforts to secure the border in part as their hashtag resist movement to fight anything and everything our administration tries to accomplish.

They are more than willing to shut down the government again in the hopes of blaming it on me. We have compromised greatly to make a deal, yet the Democrats used their playbook and sprung sudden new demands to bring failure to the process. I am very much aware of the suffering of federal employees during the last shutdown, and I would rather keep the government open with a less desirable deal, than furlough hundreds of thousands of faithful federal employees. The Democrats, through words and actions, have made clear they do not feel the same way.

Doubtless there will be gloating by the leaders of the Democratic party, and their bootlicks in the pundit class. I would rather suffer some bit of humiliation than put 800,000 good people out of work again. America knows that when the choice was another shutdown, or a wall that the Border Patrol needs, and has repeatedly requested, which we downsized repeatedly to try to compromise in good faith, the leaders of the Democratic party were not only wiling to bring about another shutdown, they actually took steps to make it happen.

For this administration, and for the citizens of the United States, this is a setback. Yet we are a great people. This administration will continue to fight for the citizens of the United States; we will fight for you in the face of the endless invective from the hard left which now owns the Democratic party. We will fight for you in the face of an overwhelmingly hostile media whose views are commanded rather than informed by the Democratic party. We will fight for you against an agenda that seeks to divide you from your neighbor by race and income, and encourages aggravating and even creation of endless grievance.

The only way this country can lose, is to vote for the siren song of self pity, and the empty promises of socialism. Stay strong America and know that while those that sow discord can command the voices of the media, we will not allow ourselves to fail you."


The scare tactics will certainly be less effective, remember according to the left and the media(same thing really), he was going to cause Armageddon.



Speaking as a woman… These “women” don’t represent me nor what I stand for. They can cheer all day long for more women in the workforce and more women in congress.

I’d love to see Mom’s back at home waiting at the bus stop for their children, creating half of the stable environment that is supposed to be a home.

Which of these women represents MY views?


I feel very much the same. Say what you want about GW, I don’t recall that he ever let the vitriol get to him.


Yes, dubya was a wimp except when he should have been one - his Iraq invasion was the biggest foreign policy blunder maybe in my lifetime, and I had a draft card.

But I agree to this extent - Trump has shown himself to be far too clumsy in critical areas - getting the wall built when he could have fought the Republicans in congress, and not getting control of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA. This may be his downfall. I don’t accept excuses for failure.




Democrats, the party of perpetual victim hood. Without it they really have nothing to run on.


GW, was a decent president until about early/mid 2007. After than he was just a beaten down whipped pup.

From thereon he basically gave the democrats whatever they wanted and congress for the most part went along with it.



Is the art of manipulation considered a true strength, or a faux strength? :thinking:



:rofl: Iraq was as inevitable as the ebb and flow of the tides.


Remember this come 2020 - Tump relishes and injects venom into verbal attacks against women of color. The voters have noticed how insecure and racist he is…and know that Trump can’t handle strong, intelligent and successful black women and women of color! He’s already lost the election!


I say they are unconsciously supporting white privilege. See? They are privileged and dressed in white. :wink:



Get over yourself.


This is disturbing and racist. Stop. Just stop.


That post is not racist.