Strong Democratic women are Trump's kryptonite


Thought this was particularly humorous. Trump dispatched a strong woman in 2016. So in this LIBs opinion, what is Trump’s greatest weakness?

Multiple fringe radical LIB females with a socialist agenda.

I don’t see any of them holding a candle to Hillary in terms of strength. What I do see is wishful thinking on the part of the left. A sort of complacency. Its like they’ve learned nothing about Trump in the 2016 election cycle.


My favorite part: Trump’s reference to the campaign trail was an insensitive reference to the “Trail of Tears.”

Obeidallah go on warpath with squaws, he no get Trump scalp.


Trump’s greatest weakness is Trump.


Trumpocalypse 2020 :rofl:


Dana Loesch must be like super duper uber kryptonite to libs.


Strong, dominant Democratic alpha females are woefully ignorant and essentially hateful. They are best left by themselves.

Trump’s greatest weakness, imo, is himself. He is his greatest enemy. I say this because he sometimes gets himself into situations that could have been avoided had he been a bit more tactful and humble. However, the liberals would probably attack him regardless, but if he was more tactful, defending him would be a bit easier.


If one of the miserable shrews running currently go up against Trump, America will again hold it’s nose and vote for Trump. Progs have their circle jerk of virtue signaling, but when the average independent finds out the mayhem they have planned for the nation…


But if he did that, he wouldn’t be Trump. He’d be JEB!


And CNN is the countries outhouse.


And then she would bury em in blackberries. :wink:


So CNN is calling Trump … Superman? That’s a new abstract kind of name calling, beside the usual “Hitler” and “Orange Man”.




None of them are “strong women” hell they all have run playing the victim card constantly and continue to.


Hmm, a cross between Odin and Superman, not bad.


An op Ed from

Now someone please tell me why I should give a shit what some random “former lawyer” thinks. I think there are too many former lawyers in positions of power as it is. Consider the source comes to mind here.


I see things a little differently. I believe Trump’s idiosyncrasies are a strength. He comes across as an average joe rather than as a polished politician.


Regardless of who the Dems trot out, Trump has TWO more years and then if he gets that wall built, he’ll have another 4. But ONLY if the wall is built. That’s why the Democrats are working so hard to block the wall. They know this is the key to 2020.


Hate filled , and resist at all cost does NOT = STRONG !


In 2016, Donald Trump won the four battleground swing states:

  • Florida, 29 electoral votes, by 1.3%, or 119,770 out of 9.4 million votes cast
  • Pennsylvania, 20 electoral votes, by 1.2%, or 68,236 out of 6.1 million votes cast
  • Wisconsin, 10 electoral votes, by 1%, or 27,257 out of 2.9 million votes cast
  • Michigan, 16 electoral votes, by 0.3%, or 11,612 out of 4.8 million votes cast

Thats 75 electoral votes. He won by 74 electoral votes, 306-232.

In each of the key states he won, it was by 1.3% and less. The sum enthusiasm of 2016 won him the election based on his promises.

Now that he has hit Syria with 5 dozen missiles, added 3,000 troops to Afghanistan, expanded H1B visas, reversed Sessions Zero Tolerance Policy back to ‘catch & release’, done nothing to curb corruption in the Justice Dept., watched illegal crossings rise while offering to extend DACA by years and passed every opportunity to build a wall (that now resembles a large fence), having lost the house…

Do you really think he is going to gain the trust and enthusiasm of the same dismal margin of voters in shrinking demographics within 3 of these 4 key states with an average of less than 1% at his peak, having gone soft and with nothing but his culture voters left in the states he would’ve won anyways. And thats not even counting the dirty tricks and wrath of the global elite, international left and Washington establishment.

tl;dr- its over. The math to the path just isn’t there. Its not like those 1% of deciding voters in swing states didnt notice what they got, and will go right back to staying home now that they see its business as usual and the swamp carries on, no matter who you vote for. Those counting on the insanity of the left to lose dont appreciate how Trump barely pulled this off to begin with. This was a statistical fluke, and you wont see it again with lost faith of this flagrant magnitude.


You failed to mention his opposition. I believe that if they continue to trot out these far left lunatics, Trump easily wins reelection.