Steve Bannon, ‘We Build the Wall’ Organizers Arrested for Defrauding Donors

This is unbelievable! It was the southern district of New York that brought about these charges so immediately its suspect especially given the timing! There are rats at work and we will have to wait and see what the evidence produces, but this seems a little too coincidental from my perspective.

Steve Bannon, ‘We Build the Wall’ Organizers Arrested for Defrauding Donors

Bannon is a jerk and untrustworthy, but hard to believe he would be so stupid as to rob from Wall donations.

NY Feds are deepstate crooks. If the charges are real, then Bannon needs to face consequences, but I find it hard to believe because he knows he is a target.

Non-profits, in general tend to pay high salaries and that should be illegal–The charges mention a “shell” company. Using language like that is designed to make the less informed make snap judgements and erode the American, “innocent until proven guilty,” mindset.

It occurs to me Bannon might have delusionally thought that documentary movie be made was going to be a hit–but it totally bombed. I hope he didn’t use Wall funds to finance it?

I remember how he seemed to think the film was going be financially successful…then no one cared to see it, because of his turncoat testimony.

I posted this news story before Sundance posted his article. It appears my suspicions are correct! This is an attempt by the deep state to demoralise Trump voters.

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Which movie are you talking about?

I can’t remember title…it showed in a few theaters than vanished.

Maybe it was called “Steve Bannon’s Ego”. I only saw trailers, but Bannon was already dead to me.

He popularized the expression, “alt-right.”. He’s only been an obstacle.

EDIT: Maybe “Torchbearer” was the one I’m thinking about.

It is really hard to know a person’s heart without actually knowing them, relying on what is reported in the media Is IMO deceptive.

As far as the movie is concerned I am not sure if I remembered that one. His latest one “Red Claws” has had some success, but it wasn’t intended as a theatrical release but more geared towards the YouTube variety.

Maybe the film, “Trump @War” was the one. Yeah, that was it.

I will have to look that up, but one failure doesn’t necessarily define a person’s career or character. He has done excellent work for the advocacy in confronting China and against Globalism. I Guess we will have to see if these charges stick or if they just vanish after Election Day.

I just remember his back-stabbing of the President at a crucial moment, spewing negativity, then suddenly he was acting like none of that happened.

Yeah that situation was when Preibus and other swamp creatures were influencing Trump in order to spoil the sauce. So who knows what actually was happening behind the scenes. Remember Trump hired Scaramucci? Now he is out there talking smack against Trump. Bannon was responsible for getting Trump elected and from recent interviews he was still supporting Trump, and his role has been mostly in a advocacy position as it relates to foreign policy especially in Europe.

Trump trusted various advisors to appoint various people, In the meantime Bannon proudly called Us Alt-Right, so Trump was saddled with "Nazi " accusation.

Here is that movie. I haven’t seen it.

I think the term “Alt Right” had different connotations back then, it was MSM that associated the Nazi nonsense with it when the Charlottesville fiasco went down. Now alt-right means something completely different. I remembered calling myself “Alt Right” until I learned about David Duke was using the term. Alt-Right was suppose to be about anti RINO anti establishment, and how it morphed from “Deplorables “ to white supremacy was all deep state communication strategy to which SPLC also designated as such.

Oh no! Scary neon nahtzees have the same interests as every other fucking race on the planet! Quick! Disavow!

It’s no wonder the right keeps losing to a bunch of leftist, drooling, knuckle draggers.


What is his name? I can’t remember but he was a person who was a leader in White identity to which he was not a racist but only advocating for the interests of white people. In other words it was nothing more than another mutation of identity politics. Needless to say, I supported his right to express his views and interests, and it was the MSM that smeared him to be a racist!

Here is what I meant earlier.

Yeah - well that’s why a bunch of European-American teenagers died on the beaches of their ancestral homeland…because black, amputee, transgender, queer lives matter.

That’s the freedom they fought and died for right there

Was it David Spencer that I was referring to? Sorry, correction, Richard Spencer

You were probably referring to Richard Spencer…and no one likes that CIA trust fund shill.

Really? Why? Can you elaborate? He was suspended on Facebook and Twitter. In fact he sued Twitter if I am not mistaken.