State of the Union Address 2020 - Official Thread

This is the OFFICIAL thread for the 2020 State of the Union Address

President Trump on Tuesday will deliver the State of the Union address to Congress at 9 p.m. ET, where he will lay out his legislative agenda for the coming year.

The annual address will take place a day before he is expected to be acquitted by the Senate in the impeachment trial. Trump told reporters earlier Tuesday that it will be “extraordinarily low key.”

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I hope he spends the whole SOTU roasting the Democrats.


Nahh, I think he’ll play it straight- economy, unemployment, etc. - lots of positives. The election is his to lose.

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Good point. We get vindication in November. Especially if Mayor Buttplug gets the nod.

I thought the left might get their shit together for 2020 but they seem more lost this year than 2016.

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Wapoo commentators can’t resist using buzzwords like controversy…

They are going to have to use the word “acquitted” tomorrow.

Somewhere in that room AOC is seething.

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Does Donald insult the entire Democratic Party? What’s the odds?

Did you see him blow off shaking nitwit Nancy’s hand- priceless!

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He looks pissed.

He’s going to lay in to Nancy so fucking hard.

Absolutely based. Trump is gonna suplex these democratic pukes.

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What a bitch, she’s sitting at the back looking at paperwork

She can’t bear having to listen instead of yap.

Pelosi has absolutely no idea how bad her pathetic cope act makes her look. This is honestly hilarious as shit, shes trying so hard to not seem pathetic and it just makes her seem even more stupid and childish. This SOTU is already worth it.

Smashing on Obongo!!!

Look at these racist Democrats all wearing white. Typical.


Nancy looks like shes going to cry.

Pelosi permanently and eternally BTFO