State by State Cost of Illegal Immigration in the US

When looking at the aggregate of the damage that Illegal Immigration is causing, the cost to each state in terms of jobs, welfare, housing, schooling is starting to look a little bit more clearer when seeing the numbers. When looking at the numbers it infuriates me that me and every other law abiding American Tax payer is being forced to pay for law breakers entering the country and their free ride.This is totally unacceptable! Where is the dam wall? Where is e-verify? Where is the deportations?


This doesn’t;t count the cost to the Federal Government of another 50 billion a year and growing.

Throw in the 120 billion they send back to their homes countries and then we see the emergency.

And congress fiddles as the country burns to the ground.


The left are such hypocrites.

People around the world are made to wait in line while people walk across the border caught thy claim far asylum and are released nor to be heard from again.

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California is going bankrupt, so it makes sense why they are for illegal immigration. The rest of the country is ls slowly being invaded. When is enough enough?

Here is another doozy!

That cost, does it include this: [

Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial -

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Does not include the Federal costs just as Louman was saying, so it is much higher!

Does it include the death toll of legal citizens who die at the hands of illegals? This list, ONE OF MANY LISTS, has about 300 humans on it. Any liberal out there who can tell me the magic number that must be reached, before steps are taken? Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial -


Then why do you leftists constantly claim that California is the sixth largest economy in the United States?

I am not a leftist! You freaking moron! BTW its the 5th largest in the world! At least get your facts straight!


This month, Bahena-Rivera askedthat his murder confession be thrown out as evidence, claiming he was not read his Miranda rights by police at the time.

In its farthest reaching request, the illegal alien’s defense team said the jury selection pool should be moved out of Poweshiek County — where the alleged murder occurred — because the area is home to too many white Americans,

He confessed.
His attorney is trying to get the confession thrown out.
He stalked her
He wants his trial moved from where he committed the crime looking for a place where he can dead lock a jury.

Only in America can a person who has broken numerous laws, murdered a person be allowed even more latitude and a life prison sentence in the US at taxpayer expense.

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Americans better start waking up! We have been and are getting invaded! Even President Trump used those words “invasion” during his first Veto signing!

Is she on this list yet? Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial -
]( I think Kate is number 40 or 41. LIBERAL 101 says, these are acceptable risks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I mean, we gotta show how tolerant we are, don’t we?

its fucking bullshit! And they are importing gang bangers left and right!

A person I worked with killed by an illegal who fled the country isn’t on any list. He left behind a young wife and a daughter.

The lists are not complete by any means however it does give people an idea of how many people are killed each year by illegals.

And then when a civil war breaks out, our politicians will sit in their secure homes, scratching their heads, and drooling, while saying, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

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Yeah I would like to see that list, and if there isn’t one compiled yet I wonder if it is going to be. I think that would be a very power tool in the propaganda war!

Chicago, my friend’s nephew was run down & drug a block by an illegal.

Yeah. I especially would like to see happen to all the RINOS, and especially Nancy! I am sure they will jet the country to safety when that happens!

The ( one of many ) lists. Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial -
]( ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If I were running for office, I would have a slide show of this behind me. Somewhere on this list is Serenity Reedy. That victim is an eye opener. Or you can just search Serenity Reedy.