Special Counsel Robert Mueller Delivers Remarks at the Department of Justice


The President cannot be charged while in Office. It’s not like we didn’t already know that. :smiley:

Deep starters love innuendo.

Mueller has been saying what we already knew all along. The MSM is going to have a meltdown. :smiley:

They have been in permanent meltdown for 3 years.

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@LouMan The MSM will certainly spin everything Mueller said…make it sound something entirely what he didn’t say. And they will run with it. :rofl:

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@LouMan Nadler is going to have a stroke when he hears why Mueller won’t show up after he held Mueller in contempt.

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#1 spin, Mueller would have indicted him if he were not in office.
#2 spin, We never said he was innocent.
#3 spin, We didn’t exonerate him.

And the democons comments:

Special Counsel Mueller makes it clear that his investigation did not “exonerate” Trump, and directly contradicts Barr’s public statements.

Barr should resign, and Congress should open an impeachment inquiry into the President’s potentially criminal acts.

Mueller announces his resignation and make to sound like he’s frustrated he couldn’t indict Trump so h resigned.

When a subject of an investigation obstructs that investigation or lies to investigators, it strikes at the core of their government’s effort to find the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable." Except Trump didn’t;t lie to investigators and was never interviewed by investigators.

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Mueller should have indicted the co-conspirators in the obstruction.

Oh… wait… there were none.

I think it was completely inappropriate for Mueller to hold a press conference like this. He was nothing more than an hand-picked bureaucrat. He did his job, released the report, and that’s that.

Now if this was a televised event where Mueller was doing a perp walk - I might be singing a different tune.


Mueller did not want to be questioned by Republicans in Congress. This is his way out of that.


I am surprised he didn’t mention anything about Comey, Brennan, Page and Strozk. They were the main players to take down the POTUS.

I view this with the same level of contempt that I viewed the Comey press conference where he told us that Hillary Clinton broke the law but that there wouldn’t be any consequences.

Mueller should be locked up. He stacked the deck and failed to deliver as his masters intended.

Whether the timing was inappropriate or appropriate - it was bound to come out eventually. It was long overdue. IMO

So, that was the reason why Democrat Nadler held him in contempt?

Is this true? I missed Mueller giving his speech at 11am but hearing 50 different things from all angles.

Ummm… you posted a non sequitur. Did you know that?

You can rewatch it on C-Span

Prove your innocence…not how criminal justice works in America.

That statement alone proves that Mueller is nothing but a leftist shill and not the unbiased attorney he often gets shilled as.

Exactly. It is blatantly obvious this was the motivation for speaking today.


He was bound to come out of hiding eventually. It’s long overdue.