South China Sea flares again

Whilst everyone has been distracted with elections and anti-virus measures, China has been flexing its muscles, including an alleged incursion of Taiwanese air space. Recent developments include provision for China shooting at persons who disagree with them …

Though not directly linked, the U.S. patrol came a day after China passed a law allowing its coastguard to open fire on foreign vessels. That could increase the risk of conflict given the competing territorial claims and the vast distances travelled by China’s coastguard fleet.

Looks like Biden’s taken swift action to let China know the boundaries. :wink:

Isn’t it ironic how the 'Crusty’s of the world harp on, bitch and moan about how evil America is about creating foreign interventionalist wars, yet they basically just went all out to getting rid of the one man who manage not to get us in any new wars but goes right back Voting a war monger in?

I swear you can’t make up the retardedness of the in house trolls here or the leftists asshats virtue signaling! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Although the South China Sea is not exactly Oceania, it is important to watch China so that Taiwan remains safe.

Of course Biden would sell Taiwan to commies at the drop of a hat, if he was in control.

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Yeah …
South China Sea is wet, a bit like any other ocean.
Feel free to relocate the thread if you think it fits better in another category.

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Taiwan is not America’s to sell, and Japan is the one that should be taking care of matters over there…

Isn’t it ironic how the hypocritical retrumplicans have insisted throughout the election cycle that Biden is a lackey of China, and then the minute Biden shows spine with China, they immediately criticize him and infer he’s a warmonger. This is the stupid shit you can’t make up, and which proves that the retrumplican is nothing but a bitter looser intent to shit talk Biden no matter what he does. :man_shrugging:

Oh look the cowardice POS can’t directly respond to me so he reverts to trolling with a passive aggressive retort by shit talking the same by using false equivalencies.

Who needs a dumbass when you have Montecrusty for entertainment value! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


It’s not for him to say…:man_shrugging:

Which is what Biden just did sending in our carrier group…:wink:

Yeah got to love the double standard of the soap box you stand on! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

However the worrying aspect is that China have stated that they now consider it valid to shoot at others in the SCS. This is only going to get worse.

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Fortunately there is a mutation feature.

Enabling the ass hats encourages their asinine comments.

So much for the site rules where derailing topics is the new norm.

Sorry. I didn’t mean to go there, I just have a low tolerance for people who claim to be one thing then demonstrate complete hypocrisy when being called out on it.

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China knew not to mess with the US with the previous president however tehy now sense the paper tiger has returned.


Yeah, but now that we will have our transgenders back in our military again it won’t matter. They might as well wear the pink tutus while manning the guns. China is laughing at us. They can fire and we will just turn tail and run, or surrender better yet. This is all sabre rattling bullshit, but who knows.

Seems the moderators have left the site.

Yeah I think so. DeJackoff would already have been banned for the bullshit he has been getting away with here.

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I’m not the proponent of war and violence and don’t want Biden taking any aggressive action with them. It’s just that the irony of the retrumplican criticizing Biden for, in their opinion, being in China’s hip pocket, and then also criticizing him for standing up to China, is quite laughable and lucid…:roll_eyes:

Particularly when we all know that if Biden did nothing, then they’d be criticizing him for that and offering it up as evidence that he’s theirs…

Now there’s no question that the objective is to criticize Biden whether he’s doing what they want him to do…or not…

Excellent comment and point. Trump doctrine of economic motivation over military posture must be embraced by future presidents. It is too late to teach Sleepy Joe any new tricks.