Soros Funded Whistleblower Lawyers Fear for Client Safety for No Reason

Watch the “reporting” on this story. It is straight, pure, unfiltered DNC propaganda. The “whistleblower” works for the President of the United States. They are trying to equate President Trump’s statement with wanting to face his accuser with some sort of threat on the whistleblower’s life. It’s complete bullshit.

Lawyers for the whistleblower dispute claims that their client has reached an agreement to testify before lawmakers. The legal team insists that discussions with Congress remain, and no date or time has been set. The whistleblower’s attorney also says he fears for his client’s safety because of some of the reaction to the report. Paula Reid reports.


The media was pushing this mafia angle all weekend, claiming that Trump was behaving like a mob boss. This fits into that narrative because they are basically claiming that Trump wants to have the whistleblower wacked.

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That Paula Reid reporter woman is an idiot.

  • “President Trump demands to meet his accuser”

  • "Too bad because this is a court of public opinion Trump BTFO we win"

Well dumbass, if it is a “court of public opinion” then there are no rules and an impeachment inquiry isn’t an impeachment.


Which is what Trump was referring to at his breakfast meeting when he suggested what use to be done with traitors. Never mind that he’s not a traitor, even according to the IG and the DNI.

Cry all you want. It’s over. Trump is going to jail and the American people support this…and there is nothing you can do about it.

Trump aids warned Trump that the conspiracy he was spreading on Twitter had been completely debunked, yet no matter how many times they laid it out for him, he continued to advance it.

Those are some awfully big claims without any supporting evidence or data to backup what you are saying. Just because you like repeating MSNBC talking points doesn’t make what you are saying correct or factual.

Definitely a premature and quite ambitious comment.

This clown is no whistle blower and time to investigate who changed the rule from first hand to second hand. that was some incredibly stupid stuff.


According to the IG and DNI he is.

According to thinking people that kind of rule change screams conspiracy and corruption.

The whistle blower will be forced into open and the leakers will be prosecuted.

Strike three…forgiveness is over.


I think it was fraudulent and probably criminal. The government has laws against fraud, waste, and abuse. Making fake whistleblower claims is a form of fraud and whoever is making them needs to be prosecuted and thrown in put in prison.


Everyone knows that this is one of the Obama leftovers. Trump’s biggest mistake when he took office was not getting rid of every single one of those Obama people and instead he let them burrow into the system. It was a miscalculation that is coming back to bite him. It’s tradition that when a new president comes in he fires all of the previous political appointies.

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If that happens there will be a Civil War and if that day comes I seriously doubt you will be so smug.

If the whistleblower names the ones involved with it, they could meet an "accidental " death or an "untimely suicide " by the Clinton Mafia.

The IG and Trump’s DNI have not characterized the whistleblower or his complaint in that manner…:man_shrugging:

Yeah, but when you’re a buffoon and having difficulty finding good people to work for you…:man_shrugging:



I didn’t want to believe it myself but there is no denying it now. This is a coup by the intelligence community to take over our country. I don’t even know what you call that?

After all this, heads have to roll and people have to go to prison if Americans are ever going to trust the federal government ever again. Right now there’s no equal justice. There’s no free speech. Just going along to get along with the commies, waiting for the day when it all blows like a volcano and the crazier this shit gets the sooner that day comes.