Soros Funded Whistleblower Lawyers Fear for Client Safety for No Reason

He isn’t going to jail, nor is he going to be impeached. For now you at least have hope so cherish it.

Nope. He isn’t a whistleblower. Since when is secondary, unsubstantiated information considered credible? :rofl:

This is going to go the way of the Kavanaugh hearings. Every “Senior Official” he names is going to refute and the dems are going to once again wear the stench of rotting egg on their faces.

we will not let him be impeached. God wins.

Good grief, impeachment is a legal process, which there is a constitutional provision for, and nobody’s taking over anything. You do realize that if he were to be convicted, Pence is president, not the intelligence chiefs, not Nancy Pelosi, not anybody else.

We all knew draining the swamp of corruption and cutting out the deep state from our government wasn’t going to be easy. Trump must be getting close to taking them out because they are pulling out all the stops to shut his presidency down.

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If you were right, you should know that they could do much more than that and have in the past.

Margie!!! You’re kidding of course. He brought the swamp with him, have you missed the corruption in his cabinet and how many of them are gone now because of it.

The whistleblower has as much reason to fear for his/her life right now as anyone else in the middle of a major DC controversy.

The whistleblower will meet with the intel committee, and all the Dems will fawn over him/her/it.
The GOP will ask a lot of questions, to which the whistleblower will be smug, knowing(?) his identity is safe, and that the Dems will protect him from any real scrutiny. Rest assured he’s busily scrubbing his anti GOP rants from his social media pages. The Dems will simply swallow everything the w.b. says and embellish it for a hungry media. There may well be a vote to impeach in Congress.

This will fail in the Senate, as it should. No GOP senators are worried they’ll be unseated over this.

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He/She will be outed by the press in days if not by his/herself.

Stardom and million dollar plus book deals await, there was never any desire on the blower’s part to remain annonymous.

It would appear that two forces in contradiction of each other that the one that prevails is done so with intelligent consensus!

Winston Chuchill: “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

Friedrich Nietzsche opined: “All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”

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Exactly, look at the swamp creatures in that boat…