Sooner or Later Pelosi is going to have to Understand that She isn't Equal to Trump in Power

Trump is one third of the three co-equal branches. He got 63 million votes across a great swath of this country.

Nancy Pelosi is from radical LW California district 12, getting 275k votes. She is but one of 435 house members. Together with the 100 Senate members, combined they represent another third of the three co-equal branches. She has already demonstrated repeatedly how out of touch she is with mainstream America. Her crumbs statement pretty much says it all.

Fast forward. While she is Speaker of the house, she is in no way shape or fashion on an equal footing with Trump, despite her arrogant implications that she is.

Sooner or later, her caucus is going to have to bring her back down to reality. Massive gridlock for the next couple of years, due to Pelosi’s refusal to compromise on anything that benefits Trump; Endless investigations to try and undo the 2016 elections; Increased impeachment fever, likely peaking in 2020 as we go into the elections.

That’s what I foresee. All of those swing districts sending in moderate DEMs never had a chance. There is no way Pelosi will ever allow them to have any impact.

I strongly believe all of this will play to Trump’s strength’s and he will be able to cruise to reelection. I also believe Pelosi’s second term as speaker will be short-lived once the GOP takes back the house.

Spoiler alert. I have yet to accurately predict anything over the last 15 or so years. But hey there’s always a first time. :rofl:


Yet, 275k votes can obstruct 63 million. Things that make you :thinking:
Then :nauseated_face:

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Nancy Pelosi is a goddamned idiot!

So the number of vote give you power? So then Hilary is more powerful than Trump? Interesting

Go away. You clearly have nothing to add to the discussion.


This opinion piece disguised as news analysis further makes my case. Chris Cillizza, who has some serious TDS, clearly believes Pelosi to be on equal footing with Trump.

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So you aren’t going to answer my question? How can we have a discussion board with no discussion?

Does the, after a politician is elected, number of votes give them more power over another politician?

Maybe I wasn’t clear. Cut the crap. We have nothing further to discuss.

So you make a statement and when challenged on it… you deflect? Interesting

You sound more like dantes with each encounter. So you should know exactly where this leads.

moving on (from this conversation not from the thread)

Who is Dantes? Oh is this a part of the paranoia thing about scary people from the “other” board?

Anywho, but of advice, you probably shouldn’t make statements that you can’t or won’t back up when challenged.

“I can do what I want lib”

I am not a lib and yes you are correct. Do what you will!

She represents one of the most liberal congressional districts in the U.S. She is a nobody who is a legend in her own mind. She is but one out of 434 other voices. Its a shame she is allowing the most radical elements of her caucus to hold her hostage.

Pelosi is too stupid to know any better, She is pushing what 80 she is getting up there and I think she is losing her marbles

Agree! The real play here is that the longer this Government shutdown lasts, the more her party will defect from her iron grip on the speaker-ship and control of the party! At least from my perspective I would be focused on the divide and conquer strategy to get Democrats to start going against themselves, once that happens it all over!

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She lost her marbles years ago.

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Under the USA election rules, Trump won the national Presidential election and therefore was elected by more US citizens than Pelosi, who was only elected 12th Congressional District of California

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She isn’t letting them. She is leading them.

As long as the democratic majority backs her, she is. Something someone should have pointed out to Boehner, Ryan and Republicans during Obama’s tenure.


Of course, the difference is, the media always has Democrats backs in a shutdown, ensuring Republicans take the blame every time.


Looks like Trump gave in to Nancy about the SOTU. Although, as with all things Trump, I don’t think his decision to postpone the SOTU is as cut and dried as the left wing media would like us to believe. Often times I have disagreed with Trump’s original decision only later to see the full picture and understand why he did what he did. I think that will be the case here.