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for those that do not know Bob is a legend of Speakers Corner and single handedly push back the Muslim recruiting organisation that was targeting non Muslim at Speakers Conner for these that do not know in the UK Speakers Corner is the home of free speech

In this video Bob is giving high quality advice to a young men


here Bob is playing word games with disingenuous Muslims it ends with Bob pointing out clear faults in the Quran

Guy support Bob if you can his doing good work in the UK

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I wasn’t sure where to put this. I happened across this by happenstance. Has anyone else heard of this?

One of the things that has been pushing back against globalism in the UK is Christianity recently there was a protest against the Church of England because they held emergency meetings about homosexuality and allowing homosexuals to marry one of the priests was a homosexual man discussing this issue when asked what he fought was more important of an issue the mass killings of Christians in northern Nigeria by Muslims queers being allowed to marry in the UK he actually picked the homosexuals issues of being allowed to marry as being more important basically globalists have infiltrated the Church of England and this is the only thing with a nationalistic view in the UK and the nationalistic view is all about supporting homosexuality women in positions of power and probably non-white composition of power through the power of Christianity more people are seeing how sick and twisted many of these globalists are

Anyway Bob of Speakers Corner a YouTube channel is one of the most prominent Christians in the current UK movements he’s channel was struggling to get to 20,000 subscribers partly because he’s channel was incredibly hard to find because of the YouTube algorithm I have been unsubscribed from him many times over the years anyway check him out guys if you can for just eight UK pounds a month you can subscribe to his channel also he regularly holds q&as on his YouTube channel live stream and you can actually phone in and talk to him face to face interesting discussions with good honest people

I heard there’s something called Project Looking Glass or something like that.

Bill Cooper said UFOs are time machines which permit you to travel across time and across space.

I personally believe there are different timelines and parallel (multiple) worlds co-existing.

Even if you travel to the future and see things and then come back, it does not guarantee that the world will turn out that way, because timelines change constantly.

There is an interesting video of a young Swedish guy who by accident traveled to the future and met himself dozens of years older, and took a selfie with his future self on his smartphone and came back. Some people say the photo was faked. But who knows.

Hypothetically if time machines existed it would be statistically impossible that we would not know the day they were invented because there’d be so many alternative timelines in which people could come back to our timeline they will be many outrageous attempts to trick many different lotterys Sports betting stock market currency market and other people who would not be financially motivated but socially or politically motivated example the cure for cancer the cure for age the cure for Diabetes to cure for dementia the cure for learning disabilities it would be mathematically impossible for a time machine to exist and us not to know about it in the current day basic logic

But you know what really did exist Jesus performing miracles like walking on water feeding the hungry healing the sick that might be something interesting for you to look into one of the most well-documented facts of all the history is Jesus Christ crucifixion and guess who rose Three Days Later a complete miracle that only God could do

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There is a deception going on where Christians are targeted big time.

I have nothing against the so-called Abrahamic religions, but believers should know they can be manipulated easily.

For example, for Jesus to return, the world has to be destroyed first. Therefore, the nuclear doomsday is welcome.

What are they smoking?

Would it be better to believe 60 billion years ago dinosaurs were wiped out by bloody meteorite and that cows farting changes the weather?

Dying dinosaurs and farting and belching cows are different animals. LOL

I fall asleep to farting horses and cow sounds.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You criticize Christians for believing in Jesus Christ so I’m asking do you believe the main scientific theory that dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago by a meteorite do you also believe the mainstream scientific theory that cows farting affects the weather?

Easy to criticise other people’s beliefs but what exactly do you believe?

Refresh my memory.

Now it is suggested that there were more than one.

That’s a lot of hot air.

I wrote that somewhere very recently.

Muslims believe Jesus was one of God’s prophets, but I think Jesus was more than that.

When you say the so-called abrahamic religions that is disrespectful they are obviously the abrahamic religions when you see ■■■ Christians are looking forward to a Doomsday that yet again is disingenuous and disrespectful and a complete twist on Christian theology and views before Christians there was no such things as orphanages or free to access Healthcare claimed that they want the world to be destroyed and doomsday is absurd I hope that refreshed your short memory

It’s a simple question do you believe that a meteorite hit 65 billion years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs? Because that’s absurd and unprovable but Jesus committing miracles happened 2,000 years ago and his documented by his enemies his friends and the impartial

Are you as easily led to believe in climate change and things as simple as cows farting are affecting him? Yet again another mainstream scientific inclusion which is logically absurd

Jesus clearly said that he has God Muslims believe he was just another prophet they do not believe he was crucified they do not believe he performed miracles and they did not listen to his warning to be aware of the false prophets why did Gabriel behave so differently towards Mohammed than any other prophet why did Allah behave differently to the god of the Old Testament and the New Testament why does he have one shin and two right arms but no left arm yes it’s satanic religion

If that’s your view on ancient societies, you’re entitled to your opinions.
Ancient Egyptian rulers, for example, did a lot of civil engineering to provide work for the population, i.e. farmers who could not work the land at all due to the Nile flooding, which is a natural phenomenon.

It’s not an issue of belief. Climate has been changing for millions and millions of years.
The Ice Age (glacial period) is just around the corner.

Abraham was neither a Joo nor a Hebrew nor a Semite.

If you read Genesis carefully, Abraham sacrificed his son Isaac.

Derailing this place and dodging basic questions congratulations