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A prominent UK Christian has been missing for two weeks and potentially kidnapped previously she was stabbed in Speakers Corner the only place in the UK which allows free speech she’s a former Muslim and tries to convert Muslims to Christianity her name is Hatun Tash please pray for her

Not exactly! Abraham was tested by God as to whether he truly loved God or if he loved his own son more as in Idolatry worship, so God instructed Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. When Abraham committed to killing his own son, an Angel intervened and stopped him!


Yes, but as you know, there are multiple authors who added their views to ancient texts, without changing the original. This resulted in the contradictions in the Bible.

Even Prophet Jeremiah complained that there were lying court scribes who added fake narratives to the Pentateuch. (Jeremiah 8:8)

Not this! This story remains unchanged and no amount of skepticism on your part changes that, nor gives you creative license to alter it. This is not disputed through various translations. KJV, NIV, CSB, ASV.

This is a reference to scribes who were falsifying records not what was written in the Bible.


The Bible so accurate that historians can use it to verify their theories you’re a complete liar

This site lists various Bible translations. Jeremiah is referring to God’s laws, namely the Pentateuch.

My Hebrew is getting rusty, but I think the translation in New American Standard Bible is the best and closest to the original.

“How can you say, ‘We are wise, And the Law of the LORD is with us’? But behold, the lying pen of the scribes Has made it into a lie.

Oh my god you’re retarded do the world a favor and book this holiday

Go on than just for the jollies when did you learn Hebrew? We currently have a population of 8 billion we have approximately 9 million Hebrew speakers statistically the odds that you’re one of them are incredibly small but go on entertain me and tell me your lies

Right, but it hasn’t changed the context of the Bible in its original intention and that was my point.


They say Hebrews is one of the hardest languages to learn imagine one of the biggest anti-semitics wandering around going to a Hebrew learning class which would be 90 plus percent ■■■■■■ there has to be a David Chappelle sketch in there somewhere

Probably the original intention was good and they meant well.

But the problem is that the administrators in Jerusalem started messing with the texts to suit the political needs of the king / administration of the time (as Jeremiah points out), especially given the southern Kingdom of Judah had to compete with the northern Kingdom of Israel for legitimacy even before the Babylonian captivity.

At what point in your life did you decide to learn Hebrew? Where was you learning Hebrew? Give us some more details

On a point for point topic you believe that the Nazis founded Israel you believe that the British family control the UK and that the British family are Nazis because the former Queen done a salute as a child and therefore the UK government are the actual Nazis could you explain this in more detail because it makes absolutely no sense on a point by point case

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Seems you also are easily manipulated.

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