Some Suggestions for Site Usage during COVID-19

If we have a bunch of separate COVID threads then I think what @DMK is saying is the best way to go about it. If we do that then I’m going to lock the existing COVID threads. If anyone makes separate COVID threads that aren’t the official ones then they are just going to get deleted or locked. I don’t have a lot of time to mess around with the threads right now as I have sick and elderly family to take care of.

If we open up Page 3 then I will need to come up with instructions for people to mute it. I don’t know if this is a smart move or not because of the content. Personally, it doesn’t bother me any because it’s not any worse than what we see on TV but I’m sure others wouldn’t want anything to do with it. Especially the ladies. Just sayin.

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There are a lot of us who have put our normal lives and livelihood on hold to take care of others.

Good for you, Tyfoon and all others who are doing the same.

Part of the solution. Not a part of the problem. The way it should be.


Great idea! Quite frankly some just want the facts and useful information and not the stupid conspiracies of Gates and the ■■■■ that blew up the official thread.

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Page 3

you’ll find it!

Never mind it’s the media that misled the public.
It’s always the critical minds that save, not the idiotic believers of everything

Is the Western media any better than that of CCP?
Go figure.

I took the liberty to create the threads based on your idea. Let me know if this works or if there is something I should change.

Oh, great. Thought police hard at work.

What the hell is your problem? You have your thread to participate in, which BTW you turned into your own conspiracy sh*thole. Not every one wants to read and sift through your garbage every day when trying to stay informed about important matters relating to this Coronavirus!

It was just a suggestion, however you want to make the threads. They look good to me, might want to get @Tyfoon 's final okay?

I would remove my name out of it because it was @Bryan 's idea to make separate threads :wink:

Edit: Ooops, nevermind. I see you already did it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sure will do! I just got tired of going to one thread and wading through all the conspiracy nonsense.

Welp…guess I have to do this right now :crazy_face:


Quick question - now that there are additional “official” categories independently started by @Dr_Manhattan - why are there so many additional Coronavirus threads being created and not being put in those categories?


Obviously some people are not interested in getting close to the truth of the situation.

That was what I was worried about when this discussion started. Generally, the only people who should be starting official threads are me, Kelly, or Patriot so that users see it was created by a moderator. That alone sends a signal to the users to follow the rules of the official threads. Considering that we are a small business, without many paying customers at the moment, we have had to spend more time than usual away from the site taking care of our families. This makes moderating these new official threads and related content more of a challenge than usual (and it’s already hard based on our commitment to free speech).

The problem with threads being created related to COVID-19 and not being categorized appropriately or posted in existing threads is user discipline. People like starting their own threads and don’t want to necessarily be boxed in by someone else’s. It’s a constant challenge.

Really, it’s just a matter of me finding the time to sit down for a few hours, go through all of the threads that have been created, and organize things appropriately. I just haven’t had a few hours to do that recently for obvious reasons.


Sorry Tyfoon I was just trying to help out and couldn’t wait instead of posting Radom stuff in another rabbit hole where it’s just all over the place in terms of its focus.

It’s fine. I’m just trying to manage the expectations of others.

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So what you’re saying is your impatience created more work for others. :+1:

How so? I basically took the ideas offered here and created those threads with the intent to be focus specific. If people want to expand on exploring alternative views they can also go to the general thread.

I believe the intent was to make less work for others as well as a more narrowed focus on interests. :wink:

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Clever people should be using this site for gathering information not found in mass media.

Not that such information is always correct, but we still don’t know everything about the virus. (So many conflicting reports even in mass media.)

One thing is for sure. This virus is not exactly what mass media tells you it is.