Some Marines are getting thousands of new M27 rifles

There used to be but once so much of our manufacturing base moved offshore it was no longer practical.

What we need to do is find ways to make it profitable for the manufacturers to bring those jobs back here.

I didn’t relize the two had split. I feel a bit better but I’d imagine the Chinese are still producing many of the components.

They are great for what they were designed for, they were however never designed to withstand RPG’s and IED’s.

IED’s only became a serious issue starting around 2005.

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As old as it is, the 03 Springfield is still a top sniper rifle. Used right into Vietnam; and it may still be in use by the military. I have a full military 03; one of four my father bought after WW2. He paid $35. each, and they were still packed in cosmoline. I use a Kahles competition telescopic sight. The 03 cost $35. and the Kahes scope cost $2,100. ( used ). I can do ( on a still day from a bench) 1,500 to 1,600 yard hits on 2 X 2 targets. Not bad for one of the grandpas of rifles. Kahles is "thee’ Rolls Royce of telescopic sights. If you’re an avid shooter, it’s worth every nickle.

“IED’s only became a serious issue starting around 2005.”

IED’s only became a problem when the MSM and lawyers got involved.

The Humvee replacement. This does look like it kicks ass. [

Joint Light Tactical Vehicle - Wikipedia


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The Army is fielding their NGSW-R and NGSW-AR with a new caliber. The 6.8 mm cartridge designed to increase a Soldiers maximum effective range significantly. Both the R and AR will use the same calibre.

Must be some politics involved In the services not adopting the same rifle/calibre.

They were never meant to be assault vehicles. That was the fatal flaw in bringing a small troop carrier into asymmetrical warfare.

Flat bottom girls do not make the world go 'round.

Way back there was research on no brass ammunition. I think Daisy was involved. If it paid off, a lot of weight could have been eliminated.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [

Daisy-Heddon V/L Rifle – The Caseless Ammo .22 - Rock Island Auction

There is always tradeoffs.
I loved the M14 I carried.

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IMI Galil - Wikipedia

]( ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well made & supposedly tough; but I understand, expensive to maufacture. That being said, if it’s super dependable, cost shouldn’t matter.

Well I guess the ■■■■■■ overlords missed the boat on the two service’s purchases…but I’m sure there’s a ■■■ in left field to be found…:wink:

Exactly, they were build for high mobility and off road work in wide open deserts, mountains and forests, not for donkey trail roads and urban fighting in the ME much less to be resistant to IED’s.

The first version had canvas tops and doors for cripes sakes!

IT’s a ■■■■■■ conspiracy to equip us with inferior arms and keep the good stuff for themselves !

Or as I call it, the “M1 Delux.” :wink:


My father was CBI with OSS 101 during WW2. Burma jungle; and he said it was unending up and down mountains. The most dependable means for moving supplies were the mules.




I suddenly want to burn my gator now. :thinking:

Airborne! …

Whoa!!! Maximum Overdrive flashback!

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