Some Marines are getting thousands of new M27 rifles

Others prefer to keep the M4 as their weapon of choice.

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$3000 apiece. And from a foreign company. Stinks.

Just give me my old M14 with selector rod, thank you!


I thought this was to replace a fully auto LMG that was too heavy and cumbersome? Here’s a good pic of one:

For the money the USMC could have got some real premium stuff like this:

I also think this is a weird purchase in that President Trump just signed an EO that said - buy American, hire American. This was a lot of business that just went to a foreign firm. America is the best in the business when it comes to weapons making in my view. Everyone imitates us.

Could it be it’s a superior weapon?

Could it be that the US buys from allies companies as they purchase from our defense industry?

H&K has a superb track record; but I thought all of our military equipment had to be manufactured in the USA. Are these weapons being manufactured in our country? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beretta is an Italian gun maker that has been manufacturing guns in Maryland since the 1980s, when it started providing arms to the U.S. military, which required them to be American - made . … Company executives chose Tennessee largely because of its gun-friendly laws and Gallatin because of tax incentives and free land.

Yes…and as I have read before, we have some fighter jets with parts made in China.

Even Glock (Austria) has a model (42) made in the USA.

I, as a retired US Marine, want my Marines to have the weapon that provides them the most killing power available. If the 0311’s like the M27, then I am all for it. Oh, yes, and I don’t care who makes it.

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The replacement of the M249 by the M27 was ordered by General James Amos in 2011. However, the order to replace M4s with this gun is new. Also, if they are going to buy foreign, H&K is the go to company.

The purchase was approved in 2011. Not sure why it’s taken this long to get delivery.

There are however numerous manufacturers of high quality piston AR platform rifles in the US so this makes very little sense if any.

From what I understand it’s not really a replacement. The Marines are gong to keep the M249 but they are issuing the M27 to one out of four members of each rifle team. The one carrying it will be the designated “automatic rifleman” similar to the days in which 2 members of a squad carrying M14’s were designated as such and theirs were then keyed to fully automatic.

Typically the keys were held by the PL, PS, and SL’s.

Good rifle, bad foresight. What good is it to upgrade the weapon if you get bottle-necked at the projectile?

(CBS News) WASHINGTON The cybersecurity issues aren’t the only U.S. concern has about China. The Pentagon is growing increasingly worried about relying on military components made in China.

The hellfire missile – launched from helicopters, jets and predator drones – has been a critical weapon in the war on terror. But the propellant that fires the missile must be imported from China.

It’s not the only area where the Pentagon military depends on imports. The glass in U.S.-made night vision goggles requires a soft white-colored metal called lanthanum, 90 percent of which comes from China.

“We need to onshore our critical defense supply chains,” said retired Army Gen. John Adams. He is the author of a new report, which lists 14 categories where the military relies on imported minerals or technologies. Some of those supplies, Adams said, could be stopped during a conflict.

The Chinese build our Humvees as well.

It’s absolutely incredible that the US is now reliant on any foreign gov’t for military hardware much less one that for all practical purposes is a belligerent to the US.

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I never served in the military (asthmatic) but I thought that the government was required to buy from American companies?

A country that does not produce its own steel cannot produce its own military.

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Not so.

A Chinese company makes Hummers…not military Humvees.

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HMMWV’s are a deathtrap. Fuck those where ever they’re made.

Jeeps killed their share in my day especially when they mounted equipment like a recoiless rifle. They had a crappy center of gravity.

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