Slush Fund for Big Government Programs

We’ve seen this movie before. For all their talk about supposedly protecting seniors and Medicare, the progressive left in particular views the program as a slush fundthey can raid to pay for their big government scheme du jour. Here are several ways we’ve seen exactly that since Obamacare was enacted.

  • Over its first ten years, Obamacare raided Medicare to the tune of at least $716 billion—not to improve Medicare’s solvency in any meaningful way, but instead to fund new entitlements for the young and able-bodied.
  • Democratic lawmakers are currently fighting not over whether to raid Medicare, but instead how much to raid it—that is, how much of the drug pricing savings, the vast majority of which come from Medicare, should get redirected to programs like Obamacare coverage.
  • The single-payer proposal endorsed by more than half of House Democrats, and originally proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, would actually abolish the current Medicare program, and liquidate the current Medicare trust funds. This move would effectively take money dedicated towards seniors, many of them poor, and siphon it away to help fund socialized medicine for all Americans—including young billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg. It also makes the proposal not “Medicare for All” but “Medicare for None.”

If those examples don’t provide enough proof, recall too that President Biden and his wife Jill over the past four years have used a questionable tax loophole to avoid paying nearly $517,000 in Medicare and Obamacare taxes. To illustrate the point visually, the Bidens thought renting this mansion more important than helping fund Medicare benefits for seniors.

Flawed Bill

As it is, the House’s prescription drug “negotiation” bill contains procedural flaws that should result in major changes—and lower budgetary savings. As I outlinedearlier this summer, the 95 percent tax against drug companies that do not “negotiate” is so onerous that it likely does not comply with the procedural guardrails of budget reconciliation in the Senate.

Changing this structural flaw to bring the program into compliance could reduce the savings substantially from current levels, meaning Democrats may have to lower the scope of their health-care ambitions regardless. But even if the current House proposals have little chance of getting enacted into law, they demonstrate how little Democrats think of the Medicare program.

In that sense, these revealed preferences should echo in seniors’ minds as they head to the polls next November.


Not to worry dems are planting more money trees .


It’s amazing as they claim medicare is near broke and still raid the carcass for any leftovers.


The Biden cartel hard at work , bet the asshole steals the WH furniture like the Clinton’s . :rofl:

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This is why we need socialized medicine in this country. Then we will never have to worry about any healthcare systems going broke. Not a hard concept.

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We have that in Boston, quality care is gone. I’d rather die then stand behind a Haitian

Well - maybe you should go do that. The word would have one less racist in it and nothing of value would be lost.

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I’m racist? have you met any first generation hatians before?

Lol they hate America they think they own it.

The government is too big. The economy is not working. We’re in danger of losing our way as a society. We need to take some hard choices.


The government is too big. Too many people are unemployed. Too many are being supported by the state. Our government is too large. As you know, the American people will never accept this. Not with the government getting larger and larger. Not when those sucking off the government tit are being paid more than you are. Not when the number of civil servants is growing faster than ever before. Why? Because the public is against it. But the government is determined to ram this through anyway. People will rise up. We will all rise up. The world will soon be a very different place.


Interesting as the out of control government spending will never allow it as we approach 30 TRILLION in debt with more on the way.

Debt a difficult concept for many to understand.

Those hard choices will one day soon be forced on us like it or not.

Well MR. KNOW IT ALL, how would you like to buy gas for you car at a government subsidized gas station , the only one allowed, ar a price they set.The same for Supermarkets. NO CHOICE, ONLY THE GOVERNMENTS CHO8CE!!!
No hiding the fact , you’re a BLATANT COMMUNIST.

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And works well enough in most of the rest of the developed world….

That’s not going to happen. Americans want the goods and services that government provides, just try taking it away. I think that paying in to social security should be an option and everyone has an account with an annual statement. All those that hate socialism can opt out and they better well all have provided for their own retirement because a social security check will not be in their mailbox each month……

Come on dude, why the snark, everyone has an opinion and is expressing it here…

Competition is god for eveyone.Would you to buy at only one clothing store, eat at only one restaurant, buy gas at only one gas station , buy food at onlyone supermarket, go to only one doctor, dentist and hospital. All would be government run and/ or taxpayer subsidized. How does that help anyone!!!
Only someone with the brain function of Bidet and Harris would like that. The U.S is not Angola or Paraguay ( third world countries) . Im not being SNARKY, only trying to show Mr. Boobwave how it could be with everything government controlled . We have more than enogh now.

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Yeah, just like clockwork, the deficit spending and national debt was always front and center with right wingers throughout the Obama administration. Then came Trump, biggest budget deficits in AMERICAN HISTORY, and a national debt that grew from 19.8 trillion to 27 trillion and we heard nothing about it for four years. Then comes Biden and on que here comes the handwringing over the national debt again.

The fucking hypocrisy is patent….:rage:

Monte, I’m talking about those that receive government assistance and use the Child Tax Credit to not pay income taxes. If you want everyone " pay their fair share " look at the real numbers and ignore the Dems Smoke and Mirrors Numbers Magic Act. I don’t like the present tax system, but at least those at the bottom should pay some income tax .
I guess if you would earn 700k a yr, you would feel guily and send a check for 50k to the IRS to ease your guilt feelings .

Yeah, let’s make poor people pay taxes too. But damn sure let’s make the Trump’s of the country pay taxes….:+1: