Slush Fund for Big Government Programs

I paid just over 100K in taxes last year….:wink:

Socialized healthcare means nothing more than government rationing of medicines and services. The government would choose everything associated with healthcare, including whether specific patients in need of life saving treatments get them or not.

Put in truthful short form, we’d have local death panels of government officials to decide who lives and who dies.

This happens in all communist dictatorships. The CCP has murdered over 60 million of its own people. Untold millions of Chinese people are not even aware of this historical fact.

All of the idiotic communists in this thread should be forced to read the entire book.

One easy way to mooch off “the government” is to get a government job.

That’s what the communists in this thread want to happen.

You just think that is snark. Wait for it.

Owning a medical billing company and billing both Medicare and Medicaid as well as PI, I can tell you that both the former pay faster than the latter and often times more.

Right now it’s your for profit PIC’s that are deciding what life saving treatments a patient gets or not. Now Obama care fixed some of that, but not nearly enough. PIC’s are constantly “loosing” documentation we send them, they regularly deny claims frivolously and depend on the billing managers working for doctors who do their own billing in house to not be diligent or patient enough to go through the rigorous appeal process, threatening them with letters to the state board or having sufficient records to successfully fracus with them….

And then there’s the issue of PIC’s having CEO’s who earn 10, 15 and 20 million a year while the person at the head of Medicare in DC is earning 250K a year and the governments overhead of 3.5% as compared to the overhead for PIC’s being 20%……

Delusional talking point of idiots who are ignorant of the fact that full fledged socialism has systematically failed to raise living standards every time it’s been tried.

Some social programs are necessary in all countries to maintain common infrastructure and the needs for government buildings, furnishings, and supplies…and to give financial aid to those truly in need of it.

Our Democrat Party Welfare Plantation system is designed to discourage family units (mother, father, children) by offering money to single mothers as long as there is no “male breadwinner” is the household, thus fostering gangs of youthful thugs. This in turn fosters the disproportionate crimes and arrests of young blacks.



I smell a big lie. I’ve known for years that you are a prolific liar.

Who the fu@k will pay the fu@king bill ? :thinking:

Dems fighting racism by eliminating the F grade , how will that work moron ? :thinking:
Minnesota middle school will eliminate 'F’s to combat ‘systemic racism’ | Fox News

Do you feel you paid " your fair share " , If not, would you send a check for what you feel your " your fair share " is.
How do you like your income tax rate going up , to protect those " poor little people" that don’t pay income tax , but benefit from programs that YOUR INCREASED TAXES will pay for and that you earn to much to use…

Mr. BOOBWAVE , If you love SOCIALIZED Healthcare that much, move to a country that has it and see how you like to make Drs. appointments far in advance and a lengthy wait for approval of on operation. Then tell us how great it is.

Until Joe Bidet hit town.

Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret, CONGRESS and only CONGRESS is responsible for spending.

Is you.

Yes, I do. And it is a larger percentage than guys like Bezos, Gates, and Trump do…

How do you like paying for our US military adventurism around the world?

I’d rather my tax dollars help Americans…image

I don’t !! We never think about an exit strategy before we go in any country. Vietnam is a good example.
Our tax dollars should assist Legal citizens than NEED help, not as a lifestyle, real infrastructure without piling on NEEDLESS excess spending and NOT AT ALL ON ABORTIONS, let them pay for it themselves and encourage use of birth control and education.