Sissy Boy Lindsey Graham: Here is why red flag laws work

Red flag laws are unconstitutional as hell and violate the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th amendments to the constitution. I don;t give a shit if these clowns think they “work”, which they don’t, they are illegal.

Lindsey Graham is a gun grabbing anti-American leftist.


Lindsey Graham : Basically anyone for any reason can send the police to your house to confiscate your firearms. Circumventing the Constitution, turning every day regular citizens into criminals. Which will lead to homeowners that are innocent and have no reason to turn over their privately owned firearms into victims of their local police departments. I cannot stand Republicans that push for taking away more rights from people as if we haven’t lost enough. Stupid Bastard.


Republicans will unironically defend this left wing trash.


It’s amazing how fast “conservatives” will move when there is a hot button issue that will allow them to strip unalienable rights away from the American people.

I would like to hear what Lindsey thinks about the fairness of an ex parte hearing which grants law enforcement the power to forcefully enter a home and take the weapons of someone who has no idea a court has issued a judgement against them.

It’s in response to the relentless attack by Democrat socialist liberals who want to ban guns! Dems and libs do nothing but exploit these mass shootings for political gain and to fund raise and then there is their DO SOMETHING mantra!

Is the red flag law ideal, NO but it could have stopped the Sandy Hook shooter, the Dayton shooter and the Colorado theatre massacres because all three of those nut jobs were on police radar but nothing could be done because of laws on the books to “protect” everyone’s rights including the insane and mentally ill.

Liberals fought to protect the civil rights of the mentally ill until the laws were changed and State mental hospitals closed but are relentless in wanting to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of low abiding and sane citizens.

It’s the kind of craziness that leftist bring to Government.

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Ohio is unveiling plans to seize weapons from those they deem to have mental illness, which they haven’t defined. Governor DeWine just announced this crock of shit.

I know a lot of people from South Carolina and no one is really sure how this chump keeps getting elected. Nobody likes him.

Yeah, the government will determine who is mentally ill. They should start with all the faceless bureaucrats, the squad , the House and Senate and Hollywood.
What criteria will they use? Will they be like Schmobama and those that oppose them or disagree with them???
If they determine a person is mentally unfit to have gun or come to the house to unlawfully confiscate weapons, will they put them into