Sighting in your rifle at 100 yards is a huge mistake

Mike Adams gives the details.

Have you ever fired a gun? Do you actually own any?

Yes and No. It’s illegal to do so in Japan.

Obviously, you haven’t watched the video.
If you have any insight better than Mike Adams, spit it out.

Yes or no will simply do! Either you do, you have or you haven’t owned or fired a weapon! Why do you always answer questions with a “ yes and no” proposition? Sounds to me you are afraid of being caught flat footed on a subject matter you have no knowledge or experience with. Hence this is another example of refusing to answer a simple question. This is why you have credibility issues on this site!

I think it’s pretty ironic about how you advocate about being anti war and yet here you are posting a gun article. I could give two shits what Mike Adams has to say, I am just as a qualified as him about this subject matter. I am more interested in why you posted the article yourself and what level of expertise you have in this field expressed in your own words! Why all of a sudden do you have in interest in this subject matter? Can you actually answer that?

What an idiot.
Yes to the first question and No to the second question.

If you think you’re smarter and more knowledgeable than Mike Adams, prove it.

Lets resort to name calling now because you simply can not express in your own words why you posted this article! Lets hear your theory not Mike Adams’s one! How about that? And you call me the idiot?

What part of my statement below are you having a hard time understanding?

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Instead of proving that you REALLY are an idiot, post something meaningful at least once a month.

What? I am just mirroring what you do. Derailing threads! You should know you are an expert at it!

Isn’t it nice how you avoided the question altogether?

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Here is some more for you. Right up your alley!

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Is that your envy speaking because I am actually capable of having conversations with other posters here like normal people? Is that why you are always in the thread topics I create? If they are so meaningless according to you then why do you always have to insert your two cents into topics that have nothing to do with you? I guess that says a lot about you huh?

That’s pretty funny.

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Considering the guy has no sense of humor.

You are no match for Adams. (And you’re pretty jealous of his knowledge and intelligence.)

You just talk the empty talk because your head is empty.
Sorry to say this, but it’s all true.

What? And you do? Go look at the humor thread! Your are the definition who has no imagination nor any humor or wit!

Right. You made me laugh.
“Actually capable” LOL

Uh huh! That is why you avoided the question I posed to you earlier and putting things into your own words. Now you have devolved into insults because that is all you have. Instead its: “Mike Adams blah, blah, blah.” How about it Digipoopoo? How is your reading comprehension at 70+ years of age? Are you experiencing cognitive decline like old Joe Biden or being purposely obtuse? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Again I will post this for you to answer!

These two are my favorites of the same song.

I think you need to spend more time, playing your Digeridoo.

look up the word Monomanic