Sidney Powell Fired by Trump Legal Team (False Misleading Headline)

Ok. Now prove him wrong, counselor.


STFU Dim sum! You haven’t been right about anything here! So keep yapping like the little chihuahua you are!

I do enjoy your overly emotional responses.

Standing. Explain how my position is incorrect.

You can’t because it’s not. All that Sidney Powell can do now is peddle her insane conspiracy theories on her own.


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The fake firing is almost a Trump trademark at this point. He “fired” Roger Stone, Flynn, Steve Bannon, Manafort, a few relatively minor appointees, and none of them actually turned on him after the firing, most still worked to support him in different ways.

I doubt this is different. Perhaps the word “covfefe” could be coined to describe this maneuver.



Yeah that must be it! (Sarcasm)

You regularly along with your retarded friends make false inaccurate statements here to pile on your emotions all the time! The fact you are 5’8 squat loud mouth Rican is more indicative that you always have to compensate because you have inferiority issues!

Classic commie whore David! Blabbing about things he has no clue about! Next!

The hate and racism is easy to send out there, isn’t it? Yet the point David made still stands, undisputed.

Yet you follow the village idiot with dementia.

As far as the other idiot, Obama continues to believe the world revolves around him and for some unknown reason you like many regressives whoreship him.

Ha ha ha! “The courts will rule that she has no standing!”

Looks like you took the bait as well! :rofl:

Validating once again what dumbssses look like! :rofl:

You have no idea what is coming! I love watching you and your little Maoists grasping at straws here! It’s pretty entertaining!

Posting this on Twitter will immediately get you banned. Hmm :thinking:

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It’s much, much more sinister than that!

She’s awesome… I wouldn’t piss her off!

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Has the Kraken been released yet?

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You are just blabbing. You have no idea what the Supreme Court has already seen.

True. I just saw (your post) this and posted it on twitter and got an instant 12 hours ban. These people are demon robots.

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Why should she?
There is no reason for the defendant or plaintiff to make public any proof or evidence ahead of the time.

@TrumpSucks @here2bqueer
You and all your libtard fuckwit mates may have missed rhis…

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