Should weed be legalized?


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I’m leaning towards it should still be illegal can you change my mind???


NO! We have thousands dying a day of drug over doses, almost all started with weed. Which I think contributes to lazy behavior unable to fight urges

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Yes, the government has no business banning it. Why did they need a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol? Government is not my mommy. Don’t like weed, don’t smoke it, problem solved.

Nor should I be punished for the sins of addicts, any more than I should be denied Scotch because of alcoholics.


I agree with this 100%.

At this point, most localities aren’t even enforcing personal marijuana position. It’s literally everywhere. I personally don’t use it because I don’t like the way it makes me feel, but I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that it’s still illegal and carries such a high narcotics classification from the US government. At the federal level, possessing marijuana is the same as possessing black tar heroin or fentanyl.

That is insane.


It does bother me that the feds are selectively enforcing the law though. Legally speaking, on the federal level, running a pot store in a state where it’s legal is no different than being a drug dealer. Yet they get a pass at the same time as they’ll still busting and putting people away for breaking the same federal laws. If they aren’t going to apply the law equally they need to change the law.

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I have wondered why Trump hasn’t issued an executive order ending all enforcement actions until Congress can get their act together (which may never happen). If he gets a second term we just might see this. I’m really surprised that Obama didn’t do this on his way out the door. We all know he and Michael both loved smoking weed.


I think he should do exactly the opposite, as President it is his constitutional duty to faithfully execute federal law. He should be ordering state legal growers, sellers and buyers arrested. And if he did, that would likely motivate congress to get off their asses and legalize it on the federal level.

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Interesting. That really forces the issue to the table, doesn’t it. It would probably trigger an all out war between the legislative and judicial branch. The executive branch would simply be carrying out the laws as written. I like this approach.


And don’t forget to bust all the banks who are knowingly taking and handling money derived from illegal traffic of narcotics. Oh and state legislators and governors who made it all possible. Bust them all and seize all their assets, just like they have been doing to narcotic traffickers everywhere it’s not legal on a state level.


what about countries with free at service healthcare should the taxpayer be forced to pay for health issues that may arise for more people smoking weed presuming legalisation leads to more people smoking it


In states where it is legalized there should be investigations done to determine the linkages between those who received grow and distribution licenses and their connections to the political establishment. I’m guessing that the politicians who approved these legalization deals all are getting kick backs.

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If the government is forcing me to pay for other people’s health care they are already making me pay for a plethora of poor health choices made by those people, including diet, exercise, drinking etc. Which is why they have no business confiscating my money to pay for the health care of others.


I agree that it is absurd for marijuana to carry the same classification–and, presumably, the same penalties for its sale–as heroin. They are hardly interchangeable.

As to whether marijuana should be legalized, however, I am rather ambivalent. A part of me thinks it should be (as one person said, why should some be penalized for the actions of addicts, any more than would be the case with alcoholics?); yet I am a bit afraid that it might increase the incidence of driving under the influence–and I really would not wish to be on the road with a larger number of impaired drivers.

Please note that I have no strong, emotional feelings either way. My considerations are purely practical–not emotional.

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that’s one of my biggest concerns with legalisation of weed Peter Hichens brings that up in the video above

I would be much less concern if it was still illegal to sell weed but not illegal to grow your own in a personal capacity but I still have my public health concerns


I believe cannabis should be legal and decriminalized but not for the reason you think it should be, It should be legal because the war on drugs is a failure, Prohibition doesn’t work.

History has proved this, when America had prohibition on alcohol , did it decrease alcohol consumption? The answer is… No it did not.

The consequences of the prohibition policy gave rise to organized crime and gave them a lucrative opportunity, before prohibition homicide rate was pretty low in 1919, by 1920 it climbed until it doubled in the mid 20’s and peaked in 1933.

when they legalized it by 1937 the homicide rate fell back to 1919 levels.


I know if it becomes legal in all the states,I wont be smoking it or taking it, its not my thing.


If you are worried about the risk of other drivers you should be asking for a ban on cell phones.

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Coming from a state with legal POT, her are some of the issues:

  1. It stinks. When they vent pot to the outside either you have a family of skunks in your back yard or a person, business voting the POT.

  2. When pot is legal they have bred the pot to be more powerful, higher THC levels.

  3. When it’s legal, kids have access from mommy and daddy’s pot. Recent studies on young adults that smoke marijuana, found abnormalities in the brain related to emotion, motivation and decision-making.

  4. Auto insurance increases dramatically as driving while intoxicated increases.

  5. Using pot can lead to termination as increased testing is done to ensure a pot free workplace.

  6. Like cigarettes, smoking marijuana can have on a user’s respiratory system.

  7. Studies show POT smokers have poorer memories and mental aptitude than do non-users.

Just a few things to ponder.


In that case, government shouldn’t regulate any drug. After all, if you don’t want to use it don’t. Fentanyl comes to mind.


Ok by me. If people want to off themselves, it’s their business.


I think legal is ok. But that should be up to states and local governments. Federal involvement is federal overreach.