Should Trump initiate the Insurrection act, cancel all elections until this can be investigated?

Democrats cheated there is absolutely no way we can allow them near any position to change laws, or act on laws. They’re communist. Media and big tech are their propaganda machines.
We won’t have a country soon if they aren’t removed.

Should Trump initiate the Insurrection act, cancel all elections until this can be investigated?

Only as a last resort.
If he does that, it will cause immediate widespread violence.
The left is looking for excuses for murder and destruction, so it would wise not to give them any excuse.

The insurrection act would allow him to call in the military to arrest all terrorist democrats burning down our cities. Also have tribunals
They would just kill them selves. I say do it, I think it will uncover a lot or maybe allow republicans to cheat and stuff the ballots on the back end. Hey democrats don’t want to investigate right?

It will be nice if the left just killed themselves.
But they are smarter than that.

The use of the military may be one option, but “they” will claim bloody murder, whist they themselves are murderers.

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Well I’m not living under communist rule.democrats can’t fight they will surrender easily. Implement sweeping deportations of communist. Put on boats tell them if it turns around you won’t last.

Nobody would enforce it if he did and his fat ass will be escorted out…

With what? Your boyfriends dildo? Lol

No, it’s not. Trump has alienated the military and they are professionals, and won’t help him subvert a US election or the will of the people.

Trump ceases to be president the moment Biden is sworn in on January 20th…

I would seek asylum somewhere now lol

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You’ve gotten out of control since we last visited…:roll_eyes:

Trump’s AG says neither the DHS or the Justice department could find any voter fraud that would amount to anything that would change the outcome of Biden’s decisive defeat of Trump…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Of course that just makes the Trumper more pissed while the rest of us say no shit…

Any data on his investigation? Opps lol

No - he should start packing his things. Inauguration day is just around the corner.


Biden said the other day that the federal government would be able to easily remove trespassers from the WH :rofl:

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Government lol have they meet Kyle Rittenhouse?

Democracy is dead. At least the normie conservatives will now understand that the Constitutional Republic no longer exists. Then we can get on with the only option left.


I’m talking about the left in Japan.

Not the left in America (who may or may not be worse. LOL)

Lol, well those lefties don’t deserve to die either…:man_shrugging:

Take names. Make biodegradable leftist fruitcake molds. Be creative.

What is the only option left?