Should Trump initiate the Insurrection act, cancel all elections until this can be investigated?

What do you think he means?

Antifa and BLM got away with it all summer.

Imagine what would happen if masses of organized and pissed off Americans who have a sincere love of the 2A did the same thing?

I am not really a big Trump fan but he was clearly the winner of the election.

Yes, that’s obvious to us but it should be obvious to all but it isn’t and that’s because Trump’s failure to tackle the gaslighting fake news media is perhaps his biggest failure.

A very large portion of America has no idea that there was any fraud in this election.

And that is the case because he allows these lying foreign agents to control our airwaves with their anti-American propaganda.

Do you think Israel would ever be stupid enough to let Iran control all their TV networks because of “racism” and “free speech?”

Would Russia or China allow this?

Of course not. Apparently - only we here in America are that stupid.

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Sitting around and knitting.

At this point it looks to me like Trump is gonna be remembered as the guy who let Biden steal the election from him.

And he made some comment about 2024. Lmao.
As if he’ll ever have a chance in the future again if he lets this slide.


As an onlooker from across the pond I would agree. If he doesn’t settle this now and there is talk of 2024 then I would be seriously concerned that he has been a plant all along, what better way to control you than have your top man batting for the other team. I sincerely hope that isn’t the case and of course not a very popular viewpoint, nonetheless it should be borne in mind IMO. We (UK) have moved from one leader to the next and the control knows that gives hope but alas the ship is still sinking. It needs to be stripped back to school yard basic rules. The bully won’t stop until someone stops them with force.

EDIT: I just listened to Trumps latest speech here

I think he would have to be a hell of an actor to not mean every word of that, having said that I still think any talk of 2024 is surrender. It’s time to eat or be eaten.

Well that’s odd…:thinking:

How do you win a presidential election with 232 EC?

Unless someone’s living under a rock, there’s not an American that hasn’t heard the accusations of fraud. But seeing court after court tossing Trump’s suits due to insufficient evidence, they just don’t believe it. Even Rush Limbaugh has called bullshit…:man_shrugging:

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Freedom of the press. Freedom, of course Russia and China control their press, and its alarming that you think that’s admirable…:flushed:

You will notice that Trump bypassed the leftest media and published his speech yesterday on Social Media. He’s cutting out the direct spin and going directly to the people. He will probably change his outlet soon to reach his supporters who have their eyes open and know that their votes were fraudulently neutralized.

Once a reliable distribution venue is discovered organizational support will be hardened. The cold civil war is getting warmer. Supporting the existing deep state hulk will soon be over.


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See you on the other side “D”! We ride at midnight!

Yep, it will be over on January 20th when Biden is inaugurated and the impeached, one term president is sent packin…

Left wing judges are compromised that’s why we have a second amendment

Well if you don’t answer fraud charges you lefties will not have a country… is it worth cheating? Getting the boot?

Remembered as the guy who was beat by a “sleepy old man, physically and mentally weak, and his intellectual inferior”…:man_shrugging:

Trump won like 90% of the counties in America lol biden obviously cheated in a few states

In what way? So far he has failed to prove his claims in court.

If there really was a conspiracy to take the presidency by fraud why would they ignore the Senate?

I have no idea which is why I asked.

Come on man! Lol Trump won 90% of the counties in America, but lost 4 states because of fraud

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It’s part of the strategy to nab the leftist criminals.