Should President Trump Close the Southern Border?

With the latest proposal shot down by Negative Nancy and the Democrats, and now Mexico has just decided to open its borders to let the migrants pass through unabated to march onto the United States Border. What can Trump do next in order to get the attention of his opposition obstruction party to come back to resolve this crisis?

If you think about what matters most to Democrats and RINOS, is basically the bottom dollar. Imagine the billions of dollars lost in trade if Trump decided to shut down the southern border in the name of National security. It literally has come to that with thousands crossing into the states daily. It seems to me that if Trump is really intent on getting this issue front and center then hitting them where they hurt the most what would make most sense is in the pocket book. How about Mexican officials and their cozy relationships they have in Washington DC and what would their reaction would be? Would Nancy finally feel the heat? I know if I was Donald Trump that this is something I would do in order to get politicians back from the excessive holidays that they seem to take at the most inconvenient times when the country is in the middle of a crisis to resolve this issue once and for all!

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I wish he’d actually do something for once instead of just “threaten” it.

The only thing he’s achieved so far is more gun control.

If he wanted to actually stop illegal immigration, he would’ve closed and sealed the border 2 years ago, and not wait until the Dems took back the House to shut down the government and go on a Twitter shitposting spree, but not actually do anything about it.

Trump wont close anything, he doesn’t have the balls or the power of a 9th circuit judge, he’s only the president.

I would be in favor of a closure to get the attention of Mexican government and D in Congress.



He should go full scorched Earth. He has nothing to lose. What are they going to do, call him a Nazi and threaten to impeach him 6,000,000 more times?


He should get out the handy illegal alien list compiled by Obama(DACA recipients) and start deporting them.

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Now that would be a sight to see. We know where all of them are because they want all those good benefits. It’s amazing the amount of information someone will provide in order to get a paycheck sent to them. No different here as the majority of these DACA adults are sucking up welfare benefits.

Care to elaborate? Are you saying that his presidential powers would be circumvented by the 9th circuit by way of injunction?

If you think about this, instead of getting the army down there which he already has, the next logical step is closing it down altogether for an undetermined amount of time. He has already threatened to do so if the situation is getting worse which by all indications it looks like it is with thousands entering daily.

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What would it take to re-open it if closed?

I think perhaps processing most of the already existing 900,000 claims for asylum.

Would be a good opportunity for locating smuggling tunnels and repairing existing barriers also.

No wall? How about no border instead.

The screaming WOULD be epic.



How does he “shut it all down” though without someone down there to physically enforce it?

US Military I am guessing! Aren’t they already down there now?

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Sure, but there’s still Posse Comitatus. They aren’t down there to enforce immigration laws. That would be illegal.

Under the US constitution the Army can indeed secure the border in the interest of National security, all Trump would have to do is order it as an National emergency!

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Which he hasn’t done yet. And if it’s a national emergency, why wouldn’t the National Guard be called in? Isn’t that what they’re for?

Of course that is what they are suppose to do. You, me, and everyone under the sun are asking the same questions as well. Why hasn’t he done this yet? Politics? I don’t know! I am a Trump supporter, but that doesn’t mean he gets a free pass from fair criticism, he needs to do something soon about this or else he may not make it good on his second term reelection. This more than anything is his signature platform and he needs to deliver on it! My guess he is waiting for the new AG to be confirmed.

I mean here we have a retired General former National Guard talking about the tear gas being used by border patrol.

The military is there to protect the border patrol, not engage illegals trying to cross.

That seems like a good guess as well. Or this could just be another distraction while something else is going on that we don’t know about yet. Remember back when “gay marriage” was the hot topic and Congress was busy passing crap like CISPA without a peep from the media.

Really? Well wouldn’t protecting the border necessitate that they would have to engage illegals at some point? I mean protecting the border isn’t that what that means in a nut shell?

Protecting the border patrol. As in the agents actually there to enforce the border. That tells me they’re down there mostly for show.